Camilo Carneiro
Camilo Carneiro
South Iceland Research Centre, University of Iceland / CESAM, University of Aveiro
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Structure and functioning of intertidal food webs along an avian flyway: a comparative approach using stable isotopes
T Catry, PM Lourenço, RJ Lopes, C Carneiro, JA Alves, J Costa, ...
Functional Ecology 30 (3), 468-478, 2016
Faster migration in autumn than in spring: seasonal migration patterns and non‐breeding distribution of Icelandic whimbrels Numenius phaeopus islandicus
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, JA Alves
Journal of Avian Biology 50 (1), 2019
Why are whimbrels not advancing their arrival dates into Iceland? Exploring seasonal and sex-specific variation in consistency of individual timing during the annual cycle
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, JA Alves
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7, 248, 2019
Rewiring of experimentally disturbed seed dispersal networks might lead to unexpected network configurations
JM Costa, JA Ramos, LP da Silva, S Timóteo, P Andrade, PM Araújo, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 30, 11-22, 2018
Vegetation structure influences predation rates of early nests in subarctic breeding waders
RA Laidlaw, TG Gunnarsson, V Méndez, C Carneiro, B Þórisson, ...
Ibis 162 (4), 1225-1236, 2020
Ecology and behaviour of Palm-nut Vultures Gypohierax angolensis in the Bijagós Archipelago, Guinea-Bissau §
C Carneiro, M Henriques, C Barbosa, Q Tchantchalam, A Regalla, ...
Ostrich 88 (2), 113-121, 2017
Linking weather and phenology to stopover dynamics of a long-distance migrant
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, JA Alves
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8, 145, 2020
Use of stable isotope fingerprints to assign wintering origin and trace shorebird movements along the East Atlantic Flyway
T Catry, PM Lourenço, RJ Lopes, P Bocher, C Carneiro, JA Alves, ...
Basic and Applied Ecology 17 (2), 177-187, 2016
Cichlids of the Banc d'Arguin National Park, Mauritania: insight into the diversity of the genus Coptodon
NG Kide, A Dunz, JF Agnèse, J Dilyte, A Pariselle, C Carneiro, E Correia, ...
Journal of fish biology 88 (4), 1369-1393, 2016
Linking range wide energetic tradeoffs to breeding performance in a long‐distance migrant
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, V Méndez, AMVM Soares, JA Alves
Ecography 44 (4), 512-524, 2021
Annual schedule adjustment by a long-distance migratory bird
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, JA Alves
The American Naturalist 201 (3), 353-362, 2023
Assessing African vultures as biomonitors and umbrella species
LJ Thompson, SC Krüger, BM Coverdale, LJ Shaffer, MA Ottinger, ...
Frontiers in Conservation Science 2, 729025, 2021
Reproductive ecology and growth of marine catfishes (Ariidae) supporting sustainable fisheries in Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania
E Correia, C Carneiro, A Araújo
Marine Biology Research 16 (8-9), 593-599, 2020
Bloody Cockles: a novel and important food item for Whimbrels in the Banc d’Arguin
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, JA Alves
Wader Study 124 (2), 2017
Effects of pair migratory behavior on breeding phenology and success in a partially migratory shorebird population
V Méndez, JA Alves, JA Gill, B Þórisson, C Carneiro, AE Pálsdóttir, ...
Ecology and Evolution 12 (8), e9184, 2022
Weather mediated impacts on the breeding output of an Afro-Palearctic migratory waterbird
C Carneiro, E Correia, D Gonçalves, R Brito, A Luís, JA Alves
Avian Biology Research 9 (3), 167-173, 2016
Unexpected low population levels of Podarcis carbonelli in southern Salamanca (Spain)
N Sillero, E Argaña, C Matos, E Correia, C Carneiro, V Gomes
Bol Asoc Herpetol Esp 23, 69-73, 2012
Icelandic Whimbrel first migration: Non‐stop until West Africa, yet later departure and slower travel than adults
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, T Kaasiku, T Piersma, JA Alves
Ibis 166 (2), 715-722, 2024
Whimbrel hatched from the pointed end of the egg
C Carneiro
Wader Study 130, 2023
Why Are Whimbrels Not Advancing Their Arrival Dates Into Iceland
C Carneiro, TG Gunnarsson, JA Alves
Flexibility in the Migration Strategies of Animals, 2020
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