Doychin Boyadzhiev
Doychin Boyadzhiev
доцент по математика, ПУ "П. Хилендарски"
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Attachment of particles to a liquid surface (capillary theory of flotation)
A Scheludko, BV Toshev, DT Bojadjiev
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1: Physical Chemistry …, 1976
Time series analysis and forecasting for air pollution in small urban area: an SARIMA and factor analysis approach
SG Gocheva-Ilieva, AV Ivanov, DS Voynikova, DT Boyadzhiev
Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment 28 (4), 1045-1060, 2014
Somatotypological characterization of Bulgarian children and adolescents (Smolyan region)
S Mladenova, M Nikolova, E Andreenko, D Boyadjiev
Collegium antropologicum 34 (3), 963-971, 2010
Stability analysis of linear distributed order fractional systems with distributed delays
D Boyadzhiev, H Kiskinov, M Veselinova, A Zahariev
Fractional Calculus and Applied Analysis 20 (4), 914, 2017
Risk factors for development of chronic periodontitis in Bulgarian patients (pilot research)
M Stoykova, N Musurlieva, D Boyadzhiev
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 28 (6), 1150-1154, 2014
Cyber Intelligence Decision Support in the Era of Big Data
Z Minchev, G Dukov, D Boyadzhiev
ESGI 113, 85-92, 0
Integral representation of solutions of fractional system with distributed delays
D Boyadzhiev, H Kiskinov, A Zahariev
Integral Transforms and Special Functions 29 (9), 725-744, 2018
Future Cyber Attacks Modelling & Forecasting
Z Minchev, G Dukov, D Boyadzhiev, P Mateev
ESGI 120, 77-86, 2016
Parametric time-series analysis of daily air pollutants of city of Shumen, Bulgaria
A Ivanov, D Voynikova, S Gocheva-Ilieva, D Boyadzhiev
AIP Conference Proceedings 1487 (1), 386-396, 2012
Classification of different types of beer according to their colour characteristics
KT Nikolova, R Gabrova, D Boyadzhiev, ES Pisanova, J Ruseva, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 794 (1), 012035, 2017
Validation of a Scale Assessing the Impact of Periodontal Diseases of Patients’ Quality of Life in Bulgaria (Pilot Research)
DB Musurlieva N., M. Stoykova
Braz. Dent. J. 23 (5), 570-574, 2012
A study of a covering dimension of finite lattices
D Boyadzhiev, DN Georgiou, AC Megaritis, F Sereti
Applied Mathematics and Computation 333, 276-285, 2018
Body mass index, some circumference indices and their ratios for monitoring of physical development and nutritional status of children and adolescents
S Mladenova, M Nikolova, D Boyadzhiev
Acta morphologica et anthroplogica, Sofia 10, 226-229, 2005
Comparative Anatomical Leaf Analyses of Carduus nutans and Carduus thoermeri from Bulgaria.
KT Todorov, PS Stoyanov, TR Mladenova, DT Boyadzhiev, ...
Ecologia Balkanica 9 (2), 2017
Differentiation o f Bulgarian Wild Fruits According to their Mineral Content
G Toncheva, K Nikolova, D Boyadzhiev, D Buhalova
Bulgarian Journal o f Agricultural Science 22 (5), 857-861, 2016
Statistical analysis of seed oils from melon and pumpkin by using colour parameters
J Petkova, K Nikolova, D Boyadzhiev, A Aladjadjiyan, G Antova
Bulgarian Chemical Communications 47 (1), 85-88, 2015
Increasing the Calculation Speed of an Acceleration Scheme for an Age-Structured Diffusion Model
D Boyadzhiev, G Pelovska
Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians, 2011
Application of an Acceleration Scheme
D Boyadzhiev
University Press" Paisii Hilendarski", Plovdiv, 2010
Comparative Leaf Epidermis Analyses of Micromeria frivaldszkyana (Degen) Velen. and Clinopodium vulgare L.(Lamiaceae) from Bulgarka Nature Park, Bulgaria.
TR Mladenova, PS Stoyanov, IK Michova-Nankova, RD Mladenov, ...
Ecologia Balkanica 11 (2), 2019
A study of the quasi covering dimension of finite lattices
D Boyadzhiev, D Georgiou, A Megaritis, F Sereti
Computational and Applied Mathematics 38 (3), 109, 2019
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