Bernardo Lemos
Bernardo Lemos
Associate Professor of Environmental Epigenetics
Потвърден имейл адрес: hsph.harvard.edu
Tissue accumulation of microplastics in mice and biomarker responses suggest widespread health risks of exposure
Y Deng, Y Zhang, B Lemos, H Ren
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Microplastics induce intestinal inflammation, oxidative stress, and disorders of metabolome and microbiome in zebrafish
R Qiao, C Sheng, Y Lu, Y Zhang, H Ren, B Lemos
Science of the Total Environment 662, 246-253, 2019
Genetic properties influencing the evolvability of gene expression
CR Landry, B Lemos, SA Rifkin, WJ Dickinson, DL Hartl
Science 317 (5834), 118-121, 2007
Evolution of Proteins and Gene Expression Levels are Coupled in Drosophila and are Independently Associated with mRNA Abundance, Protein Length, and …
B Lemos, BR Bettencourt, CD Meiklejohn, DL Hartl
Molecular biology and evolution 22 (5), 1345-1354, 2005
Polymorphic Y chromosomes harbor cryptic variation with manifold functional consequences
B Lemos, LO Araripe, DL Hartl
science 319 (5859), 91-93, 2008
Epigenetic effects of polymorphic Y chromosomes modulate chromatin components, immune response, and sexual conflict
B Lemos, AT Branco, DL Hartl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (36), 15826-15831, 2010
Rates of divergence in gene expression profiles of primates, mice, and flies: stabilizing selection and variability among functional categories
B Lemos, CD Meiklejohn, M Cáceres, DL Hartl
Evolution 59 (1), 126-137, 2005
Male sterility at extreme temperatures: a significant but neglected phenomenon for understanding Drosophila climatic adaptations
JR David, LO Araripe, M Chakir, H Legout, B Lemos, G Petavy, C Rohmer, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 18 (4), 838-846, 2005
Dominance and the evolutionary accumulation of cis-and trans-effects on gene expression
B Lemos, LO Araripe, P Fontanillas, DL Hartl
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (38), 14471-14476, 2008
Concerted copy number variation balances ribosomal DNA dosage in human and mouse genomes
JG Gibbons, AT Branco, SA Godinho, S Yu, B Lemos
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (8), 2485-2490, 2015
Ribosomal DNA copy number is coupled with gene expression variation and mitochondrial abundance in humans
JG Gibbons, AT Branco, S Yu, B Lemos
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-12, 2014
Ribosomal DNA Deletions Modulate Genome-Wide Gene Expression: “rDNA–Sensitive” Genes and Natural Variation
S Paredes, AT Branco, DL Hartl, KA Maggert, B Lemos
PLoS genetics 7 (4), e1001376, 2011
Evidence that microplastics aggravate the toxicity of organophosphorus flame retardants in mice (Mus musculus)
Y Deng, Y Zhang, R Qiao, MM Bonilla, X Yang, H Ren, B Lemos
Journal of hazardous materials 357, 348-354, 2018
Copy-number variation: the balance between gene dosage and expression in Drosophila melanogaster
J Zhou, B Lemos, EB Dopman, DL Hartl
Genome Biology and Evolution 3, 1014-1024, 2011
Ribosomal DNA copy number amplification and loss in human cancers is linked to tumor genetic context, nucleolus activity, and proliferation
M Wang, B Lemos
PLoS genetics 13 (9), e1006994, 2017
Morphological Differentiation in the White-Eared Opossum Group (Didelphidae: Didelphis)
B Lemos, R Cerqueira
Journal of Mammalogy 83 (2), 354-369, 2002
Morphometric differentiation between Neotropical black-eared opossums, Didelphis marsupialis and D. aurita (Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae)
R Cerqueira, B Lemos
Walter de Gruyter, Berlin/New York 64 (3), 319-328, 2000
Microplastics release phthalate esters and cause aggravated adverse effects in the mouse gut
Y Deng, Z Yan, R Shen, M Wang, Y Huang, H Ren, Y Zhang, B Lemos
Environment international 143, 105916, 2020
Ribosomal DNA harbors an evolutionarily conserved clock of biological aging
M Wang, B Lemos
Genome research 29 (3), 325-333, 2019
Y not a dead end: epistatic interactions between Y-linked regulatory polymorphisms and genetic background affect global gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster
PP Jiang, DL Hartl, B Lemos
Genetics 186 (1), 109-118, 2010
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