Gregor Fussmann
Gregor Fussmann
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Rapid evolution drives ecological dynamics in a predator–prey system
T Yoshida, LE Jones, SP Ellner, GF Fussmann, NG Hairston Jr
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Community response to enrichment is highly sensitive to model structure
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Food web complexity and chaotic population dynamics
GF Fussmann, G Heber
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C Kovach-Orr, GF Fussmann
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G Fussmann
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A direct, experimental test of resource vs. consumer dependence
GF Fussmann, G Weithoff, T Yoshida
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The mechanics of predator–prey interactions: First principles of physics predict predator–prey size ratios
SMJ Portalier, GF Fussmann, M Loreau, M Cherif
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SP Brady, DI Bolnick, RDH Barrett, L Chapman, E Crispo, AM Derry, ...
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Long-term culture at elevated atmospheric CO2 fails to evoke specific adaptation in seven freshwater phytoplankton species
E Low-Décarie, MD Jewell, GF Fussmann, G Bell
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 (1754), 20122598, 2013
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