M.Ali Mirzaei
M.Ali Mirzaei
Imperial college,Electronics engineering,Circuit and system
Потвърден имейл адрес: courriel.upmc.fr
Automatic stress classification with pupil diameter analysis
M Pedrotti, MA Mirzaei, A Tedesco, JR Chardonnet, F Mérienne, ...
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 30 (3), 220-236, 2014
Features of the postural sway signal as indicators to estimate and predict visually induced motion sickness in virtual reality
JR Chardonnet, MA Mirzaei, F Mérienne
International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction 33 (10), 771-785, 2017
A novel fault-locator system; algorithm, principle and practical implementation
MA Mirzai, AA Afzalian
IEEE transactions on power delivery 25 (1), 35-46, 2009
Visually induced motion sickness estimation and prediction in virtual reality using frequency components analysis of postural sway signal
JR Chardonnet, MA Mirzaei, F Mérienne
International conference on artificial reality and telexistence eurographics …, 2015
Navigation and interaction in a real-scale digital mock-up using natural language and user gesture
MA Mirzaei, JR Chardonnet, F Merienne, A Genty
Proceedings of the 2014 Virtual Reality International Conference, 1-4, 2014
Influence of navigation parameters on cybersickness in virtual reality
JR Chardonnet, MA Mirzaei, F Merienne
Virtual Reality 25 (3), 565-574, 2021
Improvement of the real-time gesture analysis by a new mother wavelet and the application for the navigation inside a scale-one 3D system
MA Mirzaei, JR Chardonnet, F Merienne, C Pere
2013 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based …, 2013
Comparing real and virtual object manipulation by physiological signals analysis: A first study
MA Mirzaei, JR Chardonnet, F Merienne
SciTePress, 2018
Ftk amchip05: an associative memory chip prototype for track reconstruction at hadron collider experiments
F Crescioli, R Beccherle, E Rossi, V Liberali, M Beretta, S Citraro, ...
ATL-COM-DAQ-2015-083, 2015
Influence of interaction techniques on VIMS in virtual environments: estimation and prediction
MA Mirzaei
Paris, ENSAM, 2014
Tracking in Presence of Total Occlusion and Size Variation using Mean Shift and Kalman Filter
OER Ponce, MA Mirzaei, F Merienne
2011 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration, 2011
A novel associative memory based architecture for sequence alignment
MA Mirzaei, F Crescioli, S Viret, W Tromeur, G Calderini, G Marchiori, ...
2016 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium …, 2016
Heterogeneous computing system platform for high-performance pattern recognition applications
MA Mirzaei, V Voisin, A Annovi, G Baulieu, M Beretta, G Calderini, ...
2017 6th International Conference on Modern Circuits and Systems …, 2017
Designing a 3D navigation system using cognitive factors
MA Mirzaei, JR Chardonnet, C Pere, F Merienne
7e journées de l'AFRV, 2012
Hetrogenous multi-processor system for image processiong acceleration
MA Mirzaei
Computer Graphics & Animation 1, 2017
AMchip ASIC for High prefroance computing
MA Mirzaei
ATLAS AM chip Demonstration 1 (4), 1-39, 2017
Acceleration of Image Processing on FPGA-GPU Systems and the Effect of the Velocity on the Sensory Conflict
MA Mirzaei
International conference on computer graphics, 2015
An FPGA - based Test - Bench for the design verification of the FTK AMchip
MA Mirzaei
http://mocast.physics.auth.gr/images/program_MOCAST_2015_new.pdf, 2015
Erratum to: New wireless connection between user and VE using speech processing.
MA Mirzaei, F Merienne, JH Oliver, JR Chardonnet, JR Chardonnet, ...
Virtual Real. 19 (2), 145, 2015
New wireless connection between user and VE using speech processing
MA Mirzaei, F Merienne, JH Oliver
Virtual Reality 18 (4), 235-243, 2014
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