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Soft and Hard Molecule‐Based Magnets of Formula [(Etrad)2M2{Cu(opba)}3]⋅S [Etrad+=Radical Cation, MII=MnII or CoII, opba=Ortho‐phenylenebis …
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Soft and Hard Molecule‐Based Magnets of Formula [(Etrad)2M2{Cu(opba)}3]⋅S [Etrad+=Radical Cation, MII=MnII or CoII, opba=Ortho‐phenylenebis …
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Crystal and Molecular Structure and Magnetic Exchange Properties of Bis (di-μ-ethoxo-bis (3, 5-di-tert-butylsemiquinonato) dicopper (II)) Complex. A Synergy between DFT and …
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