Susanne Vetter
Susanne Vetter
Botany Department, Rhodes University
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Rangelands at equilibrium and non-equilibrium: recent developments in the debate
S Vetter
Journal of Arid Environments 62 (2), 321-341, 2005
Drought, change and resilience in South Africa's arid and semi-arid rangelands
S Vetter
South African Journal of Science 105 (1), 29-33, 2009
In search of optimal stocking regimes in semi-arid grazing lands: One size does not fit all
BM Campbell, IJ Gordon, MK Luckert, L Petheram, S Vetter
Ecological Economics 60 (1), 75-85, 2006
Development and sustainable management of rangeland commons–aligning policy with the realities of South Africa's rural landscape
S Vetter
African journal of range & forage science 30 (1-2), 1-9, 2013
From local landscapes to international policy: contributions of the biocultural paradigm to global sustainability
J Merçon, S Vetter, M Tengö, M Cocks, P Balvanera, JA Rosell, ...
Global Sustainability 2, e7, 2019
‘God is my forest’ – Xhosa cultural values provide untapped opportunities for conservation
M Cocks, T Dold, S Vetter
South African Journal of Science 108 (5/6), 2012
Ekhayeni: Rural–Urban Migration, Belonging and Landscapes of Home in South Africa
A Njwambe, M Cocks, S Vetter
Journal of Southern African Studies 45 (2), 413-431, 2019
Effects of land tenure, geology and topography on vegetation and soils of two grassland types in South Africa
S Vetter, WM Goqwana, WJ Bond, WW Trollope
African Journal of Range and Forage Science 23 (1), 13-27, 2006
Ways of belonging: meanings of “nature” among Xhosa-speaking township residents in South Africa
M Cocks, J Alexander, L Mogano, S Vetter
Journal of Ethnobiology 36 (4), 820-841, 2016
From universal to local: perspectives on cultural landscape heritage in South Africa
M Cocks, S Vetter, KF Wiersum
International Journal of Heritage Studies 24 (1), 35-52, 2018
Revisiting the relationships between human well-being and ecosystems in dynamic social-ecological systems: Implications for stewardship and development
VA Masterson, S Vetter, T Chaigneau, TM Daw, O Selomane, M Hamann, ...
Global Sustainability 2, e8, 2019
God is my forest
ML Cocks, T Dold, S Vetter
Xhosa cultural values provide untapped opportunities for conservation. South …, 2012
Effect of drought on communal livestock farmers in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
S Vetter, VL Goodall, R Alcock
African journal of range & forage science 37 (1), 93-106, 2020
Changing predictors of spatial and temporal variability in stocking rates in a severely degraded communal rangeland
S Vetter, WJ Bond
Land Degradation & Development 23 (2), 190-199, 2012
Herbivore population regulation and resource heterogeneity in a stochastic environment
GP Hempson, AW Illius, HH Hendricks, WJ Bond, S Vetter
Ecology 96 (8), 2170-2180, 2015
Grazing into the future: Policy making for South African communal rangelands
P Scogings, T De Bruyn, S Vetter
Development Southern Africa 16 (3), 403-414, 1999
With power comes responsibility–a rangelands perspective on forest landscape restoration
S Vetter
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 4, 549483, 2020
What are the cost of land degradation to communal livestock farmers in South Africa: the case of the Herschel District, Eastern Cape
S Vetter
Soil erosion in the Herschel district of South Africa: changes over time, physical correlates and land users' perceptions
S Vetter
African Journal of Range and Forage Science 24 (2), 77-86, 2007
Viability of alien and native seed banks after slash and burn: Effects of soil moisture, depth of burial and fuel load
M Behenna, S Vetter, S Fourie
South African Journal of Botany 74 (3), 454-462, 2008
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