Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson
Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson
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Soil C: N ratio as a predictor of annual riverine DOC flux at local and global scales
JA Aitkenhead, WH McDowell
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Sources, production, and regulation of allochthonous dissolved organic matter inputs to surface waters
JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, WH McDowell, JC Neff
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The relationship between dissolved organic carbon in stream water and soil organic carbon pools at different spatial scales
JA Aitkenhead, D Hope, MF Billett
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A comparison of methods to determine the biodegradable dissolved organic carbon from different terrestrial sources
WH McDowell, A Zsolnay, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, EG Gregorich, ...
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Assessment and monitoring of soil degradation during land use change using multivariate analysis
Y Khaledian, F Kiani, S Ebrahimi, EC Brevik, J Aitkenhead‐Peterson
Land Degradation & Development 28 (1), 128-141, 2017
Effects of chronic nitrogen amendment on dissolved organic matter and inorganic nitrogen in soil solution
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KJ Nadelhoffer, RD Boone, RD Bowden, JD Canary, J Kaye, P Micks, ...
Forests in time: the environmental consequences of 1000, 300-315, 2004
Soil microbial community, C, N, and P responses to long-term tillage and crop rotation
MCA González-Chávez, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, TJ Gentry, D Zuberer, ...
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Fluoride incidence in groundwater: a case study from Talupula, Andhra Pradesh, India
N Arveti, MRS Sarma, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, K Sunil
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Dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen in urban and rural watersheds of south-central Texas: land use and land management influences
JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, MK Steele, N Nahar, K Santhy
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Dissolved organic carbon and dissolved organic nitrogen export from forested watersheds in Nova Scotia: Identifying controlling factors
JA Aitkenhead‐Peterson, JE Alexander, TA Clair
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Chemistry of growth medium and leachate from green roof systems in south-central Texas
JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, BD Dvorak, A Volder, NC Stanley
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Mapping the lateral extent of human cadaver decomposition with soil chemistry
JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, CG Owings, MB Alexander, N Larison, ...
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Long-term trends in stream nitrate concentrations and losses across watersheds undergoing recovery from acidification in the Czech Republic
F Oulehle, WH McDowell, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, P Krám, J Hruška, ...
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Long-term sodium and chloride surface water exports from the Dallas/Fort Worth region
MK Steele, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson
Science of the total environment 409 (16), 3021-3032, 2011
Impervious and pervious pavements increase soil CO2 concentrations and reduce root production of American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua)
B Viswanathan, A Volder, WT Watson, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 10 (2), 133-139, 2011
An evaluation of soil chemistry in human cadaver decomposition islands: Potential for estimating postmortem interval (PMI)
JP Fancher, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson, T Farris, K Mix, AP Schwab, ...
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Spatial and temporal variation of dissolved organic carbon export from gauged and ungauged watersheds of Dee Valley, Scotland: effect of land cover and C: N
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Chemistry of urban, suburban, and rural surface waters
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Application of soil in forensic science: residual odor and HRD dogs
MB Alexander, TK Hodges, J Bytheway, JA Aitkenhead-Peterson
Forensic Science International 249, 304-313, 2015
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