Diana J. Rennison
Diana J. Rennison
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Genomics and the origin of species
O Seehausen, RK Butlin, I Keller, CE Wagner, JW Boughman, ...
Nature Reviews Genetics 15 (3), 176-192, 2014
The availability of research data declines rapidly with article age
TH Vines, AYK Albert, RL Andrew, F Débarre, DG Bock, MT Franklin, ...
Current biology 24 (1), 94-97, 2014
Recommendations for utilizing and reporting population genetic analyses: the reproducibility of genetic clustering using the program structure
KJ Gilbert, RL Andrew, DG Bock, MT Franklin, NC Kane, JS Moore, ...
Molecular ecology 21 (20), 4925-4930, 2012
(Non) parallel evolution
DI Bolnick, RDH Barrett, KB Oke, DJ Rennison, YE Stuart
Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, Vol 49 49 (1), 303-330, 2018
Mandated data archiving greatly improves access to research data
TH Vines, RL Andrew, DG Bock, MT Franklin, KJ Gilbert, NC Kane, ...
The FASEB Journal 27 (4), 1304-1308, 2013
Opsin Gene Duplication and Divergence in Ray-finned Fish
DJ Rennison, GL Owens, JS Taylor
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2012
Gene flow and selection interact to promote adaptive divergence in regions of low recombination
K Samuk, GL Owens, KE Delmore, SE Miller, DJ Rennison, D Schluter
Molecular Ecology 26 (17), 4378-4390, 2017
A fish eye out of water: ten visual opsins in the four-eyed fish, Anableps anableps
GL Owens, DJ Windsor, J Mui, JS Taylor
PloS one 4 (6), e5970, 2009
Rapid adaptive evolution of colour vision in the threespine stickleback radiation
DJ Rennison, GL Owens, N Heckman, D Schluter, T Veen
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1830), 20160242, 2016
In the four-eyed fish (Anableps anableps), the regions of the retina exposed to aquatic and aerial light do not express the same set of opsin genes
GL Owens, DJ Rennison, WT Allison, JS Taylor
Biology letters 8 (1), 86-89, 2012
Discriminating Selection on Lateral Plate Phenotype and Its Underlying Gene, Ectodysplasin, in Threespine Stickleback
DJ Rennison, K Heilbron, RDH Barrett, D Schluter
The American Naturalist 185 (1), 150-156, 2015
Early-life manipulation of cortisol and its receptor alters stress axis programming and social competence
M Reyes-Contreras, G Glauser, DJ Rennison, B Taborsky
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 374 (1770), 20180119, 2019
Exposure to predators does not lead to the evolution of larger brains in experimental populations of threespine stickleback
K Samuk, J Xue, DJ Rennision
Evolution 72 (4), 916-929, 2018
Parallel changes in gut microbiome composition and function during colonization, local adaptation and ecological speciation
DJ Rennison, SM Rudman, D Schluter
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 286 (1916), 20191911, 2019
Ecological factors and morphological traits are associated with repeated genomic differentiation between lake and stream stickleback
DJ Rennison, YE Stuart, DI Bolnick, CL Peichel
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 374 (1777), 20180241, 2019
Intra-retinal variation of opsin gene expression in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)
DJ Rennison, GL Owens, WT Allison, JS Taylor
Journal of Experimental Biology 214 (19), 3248-3254, 2011
Global urban environmental change drives adaptation in white clover
JS Santangelo, RW Ness, B Cohan, CR Fitzpatrick, SG Innes, S Koch, ...
Science 375 (6586), 1275-1281, 2022
Piscivore addition causes a trophic cascade within and across ecosystem boundaries
SM Rudman, J Heavyside, DJ Rennison, D Schluter
Oikos 125 (12), 1782-1789, 2016
Plasticity contributes to a fine‐scale depth gradient in sticklebacks’ visual system
T Veen, C Brock, D Rennison, D Bolnick
Molecular ecology 26 (16), 4339-4350, 2017
The opsin repertoire of Jenynsia onca: a new perspective on gene duplication and divergence in livebearers
DJ Windsor, GL Owens
BMC Research Notes 2 (1), 1-7, 2009
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