Wenguang Liu (刘文广)
Wenguang Liu (刘文广)
Professor of Materials Science, Tianjin University
Потвърден имейл адрес: tju.edu.cn
Highly luminescent carbon nanodots by microwave-assisted pyrolysis
X Zhai, P Zhang, C Liu, T Bai, W Li, L Dai, W Liu
Chemical communications 48 (64), 7955-7957, 2012
Nano-carrier for gene delivery and bioimaging based on carbon dots with PEI-passivation enhanced fluorescence
C Liu, P Zhang, X Zhai, F Tian, W Li, J Yang, Y Liu, H Wang, W Wang, ...
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A Mechanically Strong, Highly Stable, Thermoplastic, and self‐healable supramolecular polymer hydrogel
X Dai, Y Zhang, L Gao, T Bai, W Wang, Y Cui, W Liu
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Potential and challenges of tannins as an alternative to in-feed antibiotics for farm animal production
Q Huang, X Liu, G Zhao, T Hu, Y Wang
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Characteristics of particulate carbon emissions from real-world Chinese coal combustion
Y Zhang, JJ Schauer, Y Zhang, L Zeng, Y Wei, Y Liu, M Shao
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Bioinspired fabrication of high strength hydrogels from non-covalent interactions
W Wang, Y Zhang, W Liu
Progress in Polymer Science 71, 1-25, 2017
Water‐triggered hyperbranched polymer universal adhesives: from strong underwater adhesion to rapid sealing hemostasis
C Cui, C Fan, Y Wu, M Xiao, T Wu, D Zhang, X Chen, B Liu, Z Xu, B Qu, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (49), 1905761, 2019
Chitosan and its derivatives—a promising non-viral vector for gene transfection
WG Liu, K De Yao
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Paintable and rapidly bondable conductive hydrogels as therapeutic cardiac patches
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Comprehensive natural products II: chemistry and biology
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One-step synthesis of surface passivated carbon nanodots by microwave assisted pyrolysis for enhanced multicolor photoluminescence and bioimaging
C Liu, P Zhang, F Tian, W Li, F Li, W Liu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (35), 13163-13167, 2011
The cysteine-rich domain of human ADAM 12 supports cell adhesion through syndecans and triggers signaling events that lead to β1 integrin–dependent cell spreading
K Iba, R Albrechtsen, B Gilpin, C Fröhlich, F Loechel, A Zolkiewska, ...
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Objections to Bayesian statistics
A Gelman
An investigation on the physicochemical properties of chitosan/DNA polyelectrolyte complexes
W Liu, S Sun, Z Cao, X Zhang, K Yao, WW Lu, KDK Luk
Biomaterials 26 (15), 2705-2711, 2005
Dipole–dipole and h‐bonding interactions significantly enhance the multifaceted mechanical properties of thermoresponsive shape memory hydrogels
Y Zhang, Y Li, W Liu
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (3), 471-480, 2015
Oral captopril versus placebo among 13 634 patients with suspected acute myocardial infarction: interim report from the Chinese Cardiac Study (CCS-1)
Chinese Cardiac Study Collaborative Group
The Lancet 345 (8951), 686-687, 1995
Organics/water separation by pervaporation with a zeolite membrane
Q Liu, RD Noble, JL Falconer, HH Funke
Journal of Membrane Science 117 (1-2), 163-174, 1996
Metal organic framework-derived Fe/carbon porous composite with low Fe content for lightweight and highly efficient electromagnetic wave absorber
Q Liu, X Liu, H Feng, H Shui, R Yu
Chemical Engineering Journal 314, 320-327, 2017
Adsorptive removal of Cr (VI) by Fe-modified activated carbon prepared from Trapa natans husk
W Liu, J Zhang, C Zhang, Y Wang, Y Li
Chemical Engineering Journal 162 (2), 677-684, 2010
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