Saikat Pal
Saikat Pal
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Comparison of long-term numerical and experimental total knee replacement wear during simulated gait loading
LA Knight, S Pal, JC Coleman, F Bronson, H Haider, DL Levine, M Taylor, ...
Journal of biomechanics 40 (7), 1550-1558, 2007
Patellar maltracking correlates with vastus medialis activation delay in patellofemoral pain patients
S Pal, CE Draper, M Fredericson, GE Gold, SL Delp, GS Beaupre, ...
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MS DeMers, S Pal, SL Delp
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Patellar tilt correlates with vastus lateralis: vastus medialis activation ratio in maltracking patellofemoral pain patients
S Pal, TF Besier, CE Draper, M Fredericson, GE Gold, GS Beaupre, ...
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Finite element-based probabilistic analysis tool for orthopaedic applications
SK Easley, S Pal, PR Tomaszewski, AJ Petrella, PJ Rullkoetter, PJ Laz
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Patellar maltracking is prevalent among patellofemoral pain subjects with patella alta: an upright, weightbearing MRI study
S Pal, TF Besier, GS Beaupre, M Fredericson, SL Delp, GE Gold
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S Pal, H Haider, PJ Laz, LA Knight, PJ Rullkoetter
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PJ Laz, S Pal, JP Halloran, AJ Petrella, PJ Rullkoetter
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JH Choi, A Maier, A Keil, S Pal, EJ McWalter, GS Beaupré, GE Gold, ...
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NA Morton, LP Maletsky, S Pal, PJ Laz
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TF Besier, S Pal, CE Draper, M Fredericson, GE Gold, SL Delp, ...
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Fiducial marker-based correction for involuntary motion in weight-bearing C-arm CT scanning of knees. Part I. Numerical model-based optimization
JH Choi, R Fahrig, A Keil, TF Besier, S Pal, EJ McWalter, GS Beaupré, ...
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Effects of knee simulator loading and alignment variability on predicted implant mechanics: a probabilistic study
PJ Laz, S Pal, A Fields, AJ Petrella, PJ Rullkoetter
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A viscoelastic constitutive model can accurately represent entire creep indentation tests of human patella cartilage
KE Keenan, S Pal, DP Lindsey, TF Besier, GS Beaupre
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Knee muscle co-contractions are greater in old compared to young adults during walking and stair use
VD Chandran, JA Calalo, PC Dixon, JT Dennerlein, JM Schiffman, S Pal
Gait & posture 73, 315-322, 2019
Patellofemoral cartilage stresses are most sensitive to variations in vastus medialis muscle forces
S Pal, TF Besier, GE Gold, M Fredericson, SL Delp, GS Beaupre
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Fiducial marker-based motion compensation for the acquisition of 3D knee geometry under weight-bearing conditions using a C-arm CT scanner
JH Choi, A Keil, A Maier, S Pal, EJ McWalter, R Fahrig
Medical Physics 39 (6), 3973-3973, 2012
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