Anastasia Christopoulou
Anastasia Christopoulou
Biologist PhD, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Institute for the Study, Conservation and Restoration
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European alien species information network (EASIN): supporting European policies and scientific research
S Katsanevakis, I Deriu, F D’amico, AL Nunes, SP Sanchez, F Crocetta, ...
Management of Biological Invasions 6 (2), 147-157, 2015
Dendrochronology-based fire history of Pinus nigra forests in Mount Taygetos, Southern Greece
A Christopoulou, PZ Fulé, P Andriopoulos, D Sarris, M Arianoutsou
Forest Ecology and Management 293, 132-139, 2013
Increasing extremes of heat and drought associated with recent severe wildfires in southern Greece
D Sarris, A Christopoulou, E Angelonidi, N Koutsias, PZ Fulé, ...
Regional environmental change 14 (3), 1257-1268, 2014
Effects of fire on high altitude coniferous forests of Greece
M Arianoutsou, A Christopoulou, D Kazanis, T Tountas, E Ganou, I Bazos, ...
VI International Forest Fire Research Conference’, Coimbra, Portugal, 15-18, 2010
Post-fire regeneration patterns of Pinus nigra in a recently burned area in Mount Taygetos, Southern Greece: The role of unburned forest patches
A Christopoulou, NM Fyllas, P Andriopoulos, N Koutsias, ...
Forest ecology and management 327, 148-156, 2014
Seven recommendations to make your invasive alien species data more useful
QJ Groom, T Adriaens, P Desmet, A Simpson, A De Wever, I Bazos, ...
Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics 3, 13, 2017
Tree growth-climate relationships in a forest-plot network on Mediterranean mountains
NM Fyllas, A Christopoulou, A Galanidis, CZ Michelaki, ...
Science of the Total Environment 598, 393-403, 2017
Predicting species dominance shifts across elevation gradients in mountain forests in Greece under a warmer and drier climate
NM Fyllas, A Christopoulou, A Galanidis, CZ Michelaki, ...
Regional Environmental Change 17 (4), 1165-1177, 2017
Assessing the impact of different landscape features on post-fire forest recovery with multitemporal remote sensing data: the case of Mount Taygetos (southern Greece)
A Christopoulou, G Mallinis, E Vassilakis, GP Farangitakis, NM Fyllas, ...
International Journal of Wildland Fire 28 (7), 521-532, 2019
Post-fire response of the Greek endemic Abies cephalonica forests in Greece: the example of a NATURA 2000 site in Mt Parnitha National Park
M Arianoutsou, A Christopoulou, E Ganou, Y Kokkoris, D Kazanis
Proceedings of the 2nd European congress of conservation biology, Czech …, 2009
Post-fire recovery of Abies cephalonica forest communities: the case of Mt Parnitha National Park, Attica, Greece
A Christopoulou, D Kazanis, NM Fyllas, M Arianoutsou
iForest-Biogeosciences and Forestry 11 (6), 757, 2018
Flora and vegetation of the European-network “Natura 2000” habitats of Naxos island (GR4220014) and of nearby islets Mikres Kyklades (GR4220013), Central Aegean (Greece)
M Sarika, I Bazos, S Zervou, A Christopoulou
Plant Sociology 52 (2), 3-56, 2015
Vegetation units of wetland and terrestrial habitats: the case study of Spercheios River and Maliakos Gulf (Sterea Ellas, Greece), a Natura 2000 Site
MA Sarika, AN Christopoulou, SD Zervou, AC Zikos
Hacquetia 17 (2), 189-220, 2018
Preliminary results of phase II study with Xelox as salvage treatment for patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (MCC) pretreated with FOLFIRI
A Athanasiadis, J Souglakos, A Polyzos, A Ardavanis, A Potamianou, ...
ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY 15, 91-91, 2004
Post-fire vegetation recovery mapping using multi-temporal Sentinel-2A imagery in Chios island, Greece
I Chrysafis, A Christopoulou, D Kazanis, GP Farangitakis, G Mallinis, ...
EGUGA, 7066, 2018
Do landscape properties affect the process of post-fire vegetation recovery? A case study from the Taygetos Mountain, Greece
G Farangitakis, A Christopoulou, Ε Vassilakis, I Papanikolaou, ...
XIV MEDECOS & XIII AEET meeting, 2017
1825P Prevention and prophylaxis (thromboprophylaxis-ACT) of cancer associated thrombosis (CAT) in high risk oncology patients: ACT4CAT
NG Tsoukalas, AN Christopoulou, C Papandreou, N Kapodistrias, ...
Annals of Oncology 31, S1052, 2020
1321P Advanced lung cancer inflammation index (ALI score) as a biomarker of immunotherapy efficacy in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A nationwide analysis …
G Mountzios, E Samantas, E Zervas, S Angelaki, S Baka, A Nikolaidi, ...
Annals of Oncology 31, S852-S853, 2020
1707P CureCancer digital tool in the routine clinical oncology practice facilitates PROs, communicating with HCPs, treatment adherence and “distancing interventions” during …
D Galiti, S Agelaki, A Karampeazis, H Linardou, N Tsoukalas, E Arvanitou, ...
Annals of Oncology 31, S1005, 2020
Role of detection and quantification of plasma ctDNA RAS mutations by BEAMing digital PCR in patients with locally advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancer
S Gkoura, M Kastrisiou, A Kougioumtzi, C Tzallas, K Gkrepi, A Goussia, ...
Annals of Oncology 31, S149-S149, 2020
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