Hans-Dieter Meyer
Hans-Dieter Meyer
apl Professor, Theoretical Chemistry, Heidelberg University, Germany
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The multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree (MCTDH) method: a highly efficient algorithm for propagating wavepackets
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Product representation of potential energy surfaces
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GA Worth, MH Beck, A Jäckle, HD Meyer
D. Meyer, version 8, 2002
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Investigation on the reflection and transmission properties of complex absorbing potentials
UV Riss, HD Meyer
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Using the MCTDH wavepacket propagation method to describe multimode non-adiabatic dynamics
GA Worth, HD Meyer, H Köppel, LS Cederbaum, I Burghardt
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Full dimensional (15-dimensional) quantum-dynamical simulation of the protonated water dimer. II. Infrared spectrum and vibrational dynamics
O Vendrell, F Gatti, HD Meyer
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Calculation and selective population of vibrational levels with the Multiconfiguration Time-Dependent Hartree (MCTDH) algorithm
HD Meyer, F Le Quéré, C Léonard, F Gatti
Chemical physics 329 (1-3), 179-192, 2006
Theory of the Liapunov exponents of Hamiltonian systems and a numerical study on the transition from regular to irregular classical motion
HD Meyer
The Journal of chemical physics 84 (6), 3147-3161, 1986
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