Katharine A Howell
Katharine A Howell
HDR Course Coordinator, Graduate Research, Edith Cowan University
Потвърден имейл адрес: ecu.edu.au
The absence of ALTERNATIVE OXIDASE1a in Arabidopsis results in acute sensitivity to combined light and drought stress
E Giraud, LHM Ho, R Clifton, A Carroll, G Estavillo, YF Tan, KA Howell, ...
Plant physiology 147 (2), 595-610, 2008
Genome-Wide Analysis of mRNA Decay Rates and Their Determinants in Arabidopsis thaliana
R Narsai, KA Howell, AH Millar, N O'Toole, I Small, J Whelan
The Plant Cell 19 (11), 3418-3436, 2007
Salicylic acid is an uncoupler and inhibitor of mitochondrial electron transport
C Norman, KA Howell, AH Millar, JM Whelan, DA Day
Plant physiology 134 (1), 492-501, 2004
Differential response of gray poplar leaves and roots underpins stress adaptation during hypoxia
J Kreuzwieser, J Hauberg, KA Howell, A Carroll, H Rennenberg, AH Millar, ...
Plant physiology 149 (1), 461-473, 2009
Towards an analysis of the rice mitochondrial proteome
JL Heazlewood, KA Howell, J Whelan, AH Millar
Plant Physiology 132 (1), 230-242, 2003
Systemic and Intracellular Responses to Photooxidative Stress in Arabidopsis
JB Rossel, PB Wilson, D Hussain, NS Woo, MJ Gordon, OP Mewett, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (12), 4091-4110, 2007
Mapping metabolic and transcript temporal switches during germination in rice highlights specific transcription factors and the role of RNA instability in the germination process
KA Howell, R Narsai, A Carroll, A Ivanova, M Lohse, B Usadel, AH Millar, ...
Plant physiology 149 (2), 961-980, 2009
Mitochondrial complex I from Arabidopsis and rice: orthologs of mammalian and fungal components coupled with plant-specific subunits
JL Heazlewood, KA Howell, AH Millar
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1604 (3), 159-169, 2003
Systems‐based analysis of Arabidopsis leaf growth reveals adaptation to water deficit
K Baerenfaller, C Massonnet, S Walsh, S Baginsky, P Bühlmann, ...
Molecular systems biology 8 (1), 606, 2012
The nucleotidase/phosphatase SAL1 is a negative regulator of drought tolerance in Arabidopsis
PB Wilson, GM Estavillo, KJ Field, W Pornsiriwong, AJ Carroll, KA Howell, ...
The Plant Journal 58 (2), 299-317, 2009
Functional definition of outer membrane proteins involved in preprotein import into mitochondria
R Lister, C Carrie, O Duncan, LHM Ho, KA Howell, MW Murcha, J Whelan
The Plant Cell 19 (11), 3739-3759, 2007
Defining core metabolic and transcriptomic responses to oxygen availability in rice embryos and young seedlings
R Narsai, KA Howell, A Carroll, A Ivanova, AH Millar, J Whelan
Plant Physiology 151 (1), 306-322, 2009
Ordered assembly of mitochondria during rice germination begins with promitochondrial structures rich in components of the protein import apparatus
KA Howell, AH Millar, J Whelan
Plant molecular biology 60, 201-223, 2006
Oxygen initiation of respiration and mitochondrial biogenesis in rice
KA Howell, K Cheng, MW Murcha, LE Jenkin, AH Millar, J Whelan
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (21), 15619-15631, 2007
Characterization of the regulatory and expression context of an alternative oxidase gene provides insights into cyanide-insensitive respiration during growth and development
LHM Ho, E Giraud, R Lister, D Thirkettle-Watts, J Low, R Clifton, ...
Plant physiology 143 (4), 1519-1533, 2007
SOT 1, a pentatricopeptide repeat protein with a small MutS‐related domain, is required for correct processing of plastid 23S–4.5 S rRNA precursors in Arabidopsis thaliana
W Wu, S Liu, H Ruwe, D Zhang, J Melonek, Y Zhu, X Hu, S Gusewski, ...
The Plant Journal 85 (5), 607-621, 2016
The Complete Sequence of the Acacia ligulata Chloroplast Genome Reveals a Highly Divergent clpP1 Gene
AV Williams, LM Boykin, KA Howell, PG Nevill, I Small
PloS one 10 (5), e0125768, 2015
PPR-SMRs: ancient proteins with enigmatic functions
S Liu, J Melonek, LM Boykin, I Small, KA Howell
RNA biology 10 (9), 1501-1510, 2013
Design of chimeric expression elements that confer high‐level gene activity in chromoplasts
R Caroca, KA Howell, C Hasse, S Ruf, R Bock
The Plant Journal 73 (3), 368-379, 2013
Analysis of the rice mitochondrial carrier family reveals anaerobic accumulation of a basic amino acid carrier involved in arginine metabolism during seed germination
NL Taylor, KA Howell, JL Heazlewood, TYW Tan, R Narsai, S Huang, ...
Plant Physiology 154 (2), 691-704, 2010
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