Debra Titone
Debra Titone
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Human relational memory requires time and sleep
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On the compositional and noncompositional nature of idiomatic expressions
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Do the beginnings of spoken words have a special status in auditory word recognition?
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Hippocampal activation during transitive inference in humans
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The multidetermined nature of idiom processing
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Moving toward a neuroplasticity view of bilingualism, executive control, and aging
S Baum, D Titone
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Characterizing the social diversity of bilingualism using language entropy
JW Gullifer, D Titone
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Descriptive norms for 171 idiomatic expressions: Familiarity, compositionality, predictability, and literality
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Comprehension of idiomatic expressions: effects of predictability and literality.
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Making sense of word senses: the comprehension of polysemy depends on sense overlap.
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Bilingual lexical access during L1 sentence reading: The effects of L2 knowledge, semantic constraint, and L1–L2 intermixing.
D Titone, M Libben, J Mercier, V Whitford, I Pivneva
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Bilingual experience and resting-state brain connectivity: Impacts of L2 age of acquisition and social diversity of language use on control networks
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Second-language experience modulates first-and second-language word frequency effects: Evidence from eye movement measures of natural paragraph reading
V Whitford, D Titone
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Transcranial magnetic stimulation coregistered with MRI: a comparison of a guided versus blind stimulation technique and its effect on evoked compound muscle action potentials
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Similarity mapping in spoken word recognition
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Contextual insensitivity in schizophrenic language processing: evidence from lexical ambiguity.
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Executive control modulates cross-language lexical activation during L2 reading: evidence from eye movements.
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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 40 (3), 787, 2014
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