Álvaro Ayala
Álvaro Ayala
Centre for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones (CEAZA)
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The CAMELS-CL dataset: catchment attributes and meteorology for large sample studies–Chile dataset
C Alvarez-Garreton, PA Mendoza, JP Boisier, N Addor, M Galleguillos, ...
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 (11), 5817-5846, 2018
Glacier runoff variations since 1955 in the Maipo River basin, in the semiarid Andes of central Chile
Á Ayala, D Farías-Barahona, M Huss, F Pellicciotti, J McPhee, D Farinotti
The Cryosphere 14 (6), 2005-2027, 2020
Modelling the hydrological response of debris‐free and debris‐covered glaciers to present climatic conditions in the semiarid Andes of central Chile
A Ayala, F Pellicciotti, S MacDonell, J McPhee, S Vivero, C Campos, ...
Hydrological Processes 30 (22), 4036-4058, 2016
Interannual variability in glacier contribution to runoff from a high‐elevation Andean catchment: understanding the role of debris cover in glacier hydrology
F Burger, A Ayala, D Farias, TE Shaw, S MacDonell, B Brock, J McPhee, ...
Hydrological Processes 33 (2), 214-229, 2019
Satellite observations show no net change in the percentage of supraglacial debris-covered area in northern Pakistan from 1977 to 2014
S Herreid, F Pellicciotti, A Ayala, A Chesnokova, C Kienholz, J Shea, ...
Journal of Glaciology 61 (227), 524-536, 2015
Patterns of glacier ablation across North‐Central Chile: Identifying the limits of empirical melt models under sublimation‐favorable conditions
A Ayala, F Pellicciotti, S MacDonell, J McPhee, P Burlando
Water Resources Research, 2017
Modeling 2 m air temperatures over mountain glaciers: Exploring the influence of katabatic cooling and external warming
A Ayala, F Pellicciotti, JM Shea
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (8), 3139-3157, 2015
Melt and surface sublimation across a glacier in a dry environment: distributed energy-balance modelling of Juncal Norte Glacier, Chile
A Ayala, F Pellicciotti, N Peleg, P Burlando
Journal of Glaciology 63 (241), 803-822, 2017
60 years of glacier elevation and mass changes in the Maipo River Basin, central Andes of Chile
D Farías-Barahona, Á Ayala, C Bravo, S Vivero, T Seehaus, S Vijay, ...
Remote Sensing 12 (10), 1658, 2020
A near 90-year record of the evolution of El Morado Glacier and its proglacial lake, Central Chilean Andes
D Farías-Barahona, R Wilson, C Bravo, S Vivero, A Caro, TE Shaw, ...
Journal of Glaciology 66 (259), 846-860, 2020
Distributed summer air temperatures across mountain glaciers in the south-east Tibetan Plateau: Temperature sensitivity and comparison with existing glacier datasets
TE Shaw, W Yang, Á Ayala, C Bravo, C Zhao, F Pellicciotti
The Cryosphere 15 (2), 595-614, 2021
Field survey of tsunami disaster in Chile 2010
T Mikami, T Shibayama, S Takewaka, M Esteban, K Ohira, R Aranguiz, ...
Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B3 (Ocean Engineering) 67 …, 2011
Glacier and rock glacier changes since the 1950s in the La Laguna catchment, Chile
BA Robson, S MacDonell, Á Ayala, T Bolch, PR Nielsen, S Vivero
The Cryosphere 16 (2), 647-665, 2022
Altitudinal gradients, midwinter melt, and wind effects on snow accumulation in semiarid midlatitude Andes under La Niña conditions
A Ayala, J McPhee, X Vargas
Water Resources Research 50 (4), 3589-3594, 2014
Sharp increase of extreme turbidity events due to deglaciation in the subtropical Andes
I Vergara, R Garreaud, Á Ayala
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 127 (6), e2021JF006584, 2022
The utility of optical satellite winter snow depths for initializing a glacio‐hydrological model of a high‐elevation, Andean catchment
TE Shaw, A Caro, P Mendoza, Á Ayala, F Pellicciotti, S Gascoin, ...
Water Resources Research 56 (8), e2020WR027188, 2020
Centreline and cross-glacier air temperature variability on an Alpine glacier: assessing temperature distribution methods and their influence on melt model calculations
TE Shaw, BW Brock, A Ayala, N Rutter, F Pellicciotti
Journal of Glaciology 63 (242), 973-988, 2017
An approach to estimating hydropower impacts of climate change from a regional perspective
J McPhee, E Rubio-Alvarez, R Meza, A Ayala, X Vargas, S Vicuna
Watershed Management 2010: Innovations in Watershed Management under Land …, 2010
Modelling spatial patterns of near-surface air temperature over a decade of melt seasons on McCall Glacier, Alaska
P Troxler, Á Ayala, TE Shaw, M Nolan, BW Brock, F Pellicciotti
Journal of Glaciology 66 (257), 386-400, 2020
Impactos del cambio climático sobre la operación del sistema hídrico de la laguna Laja
A Ayala
Universidad de Chile, 2011
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