Xiaobin Niu
Xiaobin Niu
School of Materials and Energy, University of Electronic Science and Technology
Потвърден имейл адрес: engr.uconn.edu
Surface modification of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
N Zhu, H Ji, P Yu, J Niu, MU Farooq, MW Akram, IO Udego, H Li, X Niu
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Li-free cathode materials for high energy density lithium batteries
L Wang, Z Wu, J Zou, P Gao, X Niu, H Li, L Chen
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Graphite as a potassium ion battery anode in carbonate-based electrolyte and ether-based electrolyte
L Wang, J Yang, J Li, T Chen, S Chen, Z Wu, J Qiu, B Wang, P Gao, X Niu, ...
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Efficient Trapping and Catalytic Conversion of Polysulfides by VS4 Nanosites for Li–S Batteries
S Wang, H Chen, J Liao, Q Sun, F Zhao, J Luo, X Lin, X Niu, M Wu, R Li, ...
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Rational design of self-supported Cu@ WC core-shell mesoporous nanowires for pH-universal hydrogen evolution reaction
M Yao, B Wang, B Sun, L Luo, Y Chen, J Wang, N Wang, S Komarneni, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 280, 119451, 2021
Recent advances in 2D lateral heterostructures
J Wang, Z Li, H Chen, G Deng, X Niu
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Effects of plasmonic metal core-dielectric shell nanoparticles on the broadband light absorption enhancement in thin film solar cells
P Yu, Y Yao, J Wu, X Niu, AL Rogach, Z Wang
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Loofah-derived carbon as an anode material for potassium ion and lithium ion batteries
Z Wu, L Wang, J Huang, J Zou, S Chen, H Cheng, C Jiang, P Gao, X Niu
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Eco‐friendly colloidal quantum dot‐based luminescent solar concentrators
Y You, X Tong, W Wang, J Sun, P Yu, H Ji, X Niu, ZM Wang
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Bilateral Interfaces in In2Se3-CoIn2-CoSe2 Heterostructures for High-Rate Reversible Sodium Storage
S Xiao, X Li, W Zhang, Y Xiang, T Li, X Niu, JS Chen, Q Yan
ACS nano 15 (8), 13307-13318, 2021
Prediction of two-dimensional nodal-line semimetals in a carbon nitride covalent network
H Chen, S Zhang, W Jiang, C Zhang, H Guo, Z Liu, Z Wang, F Liu, X Niu
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Broadband efficiency enhancement in quantum dot solar cells coupled with multispiked plasmonic nanostars
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Interface engineering of Fe3Se4/FeSe heterostructure encapsulated in electrospun carbon nanofibers for fast and robust sodium storage
J Liu, S Xiao, X Li, Z Li, X Li, W Zhang, Y Xiang, X Niu, JS Chen
Chemical Engineering Journal 417, 129279, 2021
PdP 2 nanoparticles–reduced graphene oxide for electrocatalytic N 2 conversion to NH 3 under ambient conditions
H Xie, Q Geng, X Zhu, Y Luo, L Chang, X Niu, X Shi, AM Asiri, S Gao, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 7 (43), 24760-24764, 2019
Honeycomb-like porous carbon with N and S dual-doping as metal-free catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
J Yang, F Xiang, H Guo, L Wang, X Niu
Carbon 156, 514-522, 2020
Boosting oxygen dissociation over bimetal sites to facilitate oxygen reduction activity of zinc‐air battery
H Sun, M Wang, S Zhang, S Liu, X Shen, T Qian, X Niu, J Xiong, C Yan
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Ionic liquid reducing energy loss and stabilizing CsPbI2Br solar cells
A Wang, X Deng, J Wang, S Wang, X Niu, F Hao, L Ding
Nano Energy 81, 105631, 2021
Unraveling the Reaction Mechanism of FeS2 as a Li-Ion Battery Cathode
J Zou, J Zhao, B Wang, S Chen, P Chen, Q Ran, L Li, X Wang, J Yao, H Li, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (40), 44850-44857, 2020
Greatly Enhanced Electrocatalytic N2 Reduction over V2O3/C by P Doping
X Cheng, J Wang, W Xiong, T Wang, T Wu, S Lu, G Chen, S Gao, X Shi, ...
ChemNanoMat 6 (9), 1315-1319, 2020
Improving energy level alignment by adenine for efficient and stable perovskite solar cells
L Xie, Z Cao, J Wang, A Wang, S Wang, Y Cui, Y Xiang, X Niu, F Hao, ...
Nano Energy 74, 104846, 2020
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