Carolina Barillas-Mury
Carolina Barillas-Mury
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Immunity-Related Genes and Gene Families in Anopheles gambiae
GK Christophides, E Zdobnov, C Barillas-Mury, E Birney, S Blandin, ...
Science 298 (5591), 159-165, 2002
Evolutionary dynamics of immune-related genes and pathways in disease-vector mosquitoes
RM Waterhouse, EV Kriventseva, S Meister, Z Xi, KS Alvarez, ...
science 316 (5832), 1738-1743, 2007
Comparative genome and proteome analysis of Anopheles gambiae and Drosophila melanogaster
EM Zdobnov, C Von Mering, I Letunic, D Torrents, M Suyama, RR Copley, ...
science 298 (5591), 149-159, 2002
Flavivirus susceptibility in Aedes aegypti
WC Black IV, KE Bennett, N Gorrochótegui-Escalante, CV Barillas-Mury, ...
Archives of medical research 33 (4), 379-388, 2002
BCG vaccine protection from severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
LE Escobar, A Molina-Cruz, C Barillas-Mury
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (30), 17720-17726, 2020
Genome expression analysis of Anopheles gambiae: responses to injury, bacterial challenge, and malaria infection
G Dimopoulos, GK Christophides, S Meister, J Schultz, KP White, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (13), 8814-8819, 2002
Hemocyte differentiation mediates innate immune memory in Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes
J Rodrigues, FA Brayner, LC Alves, R Dixit, C Barillas-Mury
Science 329 (5997), 1353-1355, 2010
Molecular interactions between Anopheles stephensi midgut cells and Plasmodium berghei: the time bomb theory of ookinete invasion of mosquitoes
YS Han, J Thompson, FC Kafatos, C Barillas-Mury
The EMBO journal 19 (22), 6030-6040, 2000
The role of reactive oxygen species on Plasmodium melanotic encapsulation in Anopheles gambiae
S Kumar, GK Christophides, R Cantera, B Charles, YS Han, S Meister, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 100 (24), 14139-14144, 2003
Malaria immunity in man and mosquito: insights into unsolved mysteries of a deadly infectious disease
PD Crompton, J Moebius, S Portugal, M Waisberg, G Hart, LS Garver, ...
Annual review of immunology 32, 157-187, 2014
Directional gene expression and antisense transcripts in sexual and asexual stages of Plasmodium falciparum
MJ López-Barragán, J Lemieux, M Quiñones, KC Williamson, ...
BMC genomics 12, 1-13, 2011
A peroxidase/dual oxidase system modulates midgut epithelial immunity in Anopheles gambiae
S Kumar, A Molina-Cruz, L Gupta, J Rodrigues, C Barillas-Mury
Science 327 (5973), 1644-1648, 2010
A role for insect galectins in parasite survival
S Kamhawi, M Ramalho-Ortigao, VM Pham, S Kumar, PG Lawyer, ...
Cell 119 (3), 329-341, 2004
Reactive oxygen species modulate Anopheles gambiae immunity against bacteria and Plasmodium
A Molina-Cruz, RJ DeJong, B Charles, L Gupta, S Kumar, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 283 (6), 3217-3223, 2008
Anopheles gambiae Ag-STAT, a new insect member of the STAT family, is activated in response to bacterial infection
C Barillas-Mury, YS Han, D Seeley, FC Kafatos
The EMBO journal 18 (4), 959-967, 1999
The human malaria parasite Pfs47 gene mediates evasion of the mosquito immune system
A Molina-Cruz, LS Garver, A Alabaster, L Bangiolo, A Haile, J Winikor, ...
Science 340 (6135), 984-987, 2013
The STAT pathway mediates late-phase immunity against Plasmodium in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae
L Gupta, A Molina-Cruz, S Kumar, J Rodrigues, R Dixit, RE Zamora, ...
Cell host & microbe 5 (5), 498-507, 2009
Epithelial nitration by a peroxidase/NOX5 system mediates mosquito antiplasmodial immunity
GA Oliveira, J Lieberman, C Barillas-Mury
Science 335 (6070), 856-859, 2012
Reactive oxygen species detoxification by catalase is a major determinant of fecundity in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae
RJ DeJong, LM Miller, A Molina-Cruz, L Gupta, S Kumar, C Barillas-Mury
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (7), 2121-2126, 2007
Inducible peroxidases mediate nitration of Anopheles midgut cells undergoing apoptosis in response to Plasmodium invasion
S Kumar, L Gupta, YS Han, C Barillas-Mury
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (51), 53475-53482, 2004
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