Rui Elias
Rui Elias
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Topography-driven isolation, speciation and a global increase of endemism with elevation (Forthcoming)
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Genetic variability and differentiation among populations of the Azorean endemic gymnosperm Juniperus brevifolia: baseline information for a conservation and restoration …
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European Red List of Lycopods and Ferns
MG Criado, H Väre, A Nieto, RB Elias, R Dyer, Y Ivanenko, D Ivanova, ...
Azores central islands vegetation and flora field guide
E Dias, C Mendes, C Melo, D Pereira, R Elias
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Ecologia das florestas de Juniperus dos Açores
RB Elias
Dissertation, 2007
La Laurisilva. Canarias, Madeira y Azores
JM Fernández-Palacios, JR Arévalo, E Balguerías, R Barone, ...
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PAV Borges, AMC Santos, RB Elias, R Gabriel
Elsevier, 2020
Comparison of T-Square, Point Centered Quarter and N-Tree sampling methods in Pittosporum undulatum invaded woodlands
LB Silva, M Alves, RB Elias, L Silva, CA Associado
Contrasting phenology and female cone characteristics of the two Macaronesian island endemic cedars (Juniperus cedrus and J. brevifolia)
B Rumeu, M Nogales, RB Elias, DP Padilla, T Resendes, A Rodríguez, ...
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Disturbance, regeneration and the spatial pattern of tree species in Azorean mountain forests
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Global change in microcosms: Environmental and societal predictors of land cover change on the Atlantic Ocean Islands
SJ Norder, RF de Lima, L de Nascimento, JY Lim, JM Fernández-Palacios, ...
Anthropocene 30, 100242, 2020
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