Mohammad Taheri
Mohammad Taheri
Assistant Prof. of Comp. Sci. & Eng. & I.T. Dept. of Shiraz University
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A non-parametric mixture of Gaussian naive Bayes classifiers based on local independent features
AH Jahromi, M Taheri
2017 Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Conference (AISP), 209-212, 2017
A proposed method for learning rule weights in fuzzy rule-based classification systems
MZ Jahromi, M Taheri
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A generalized weighted distance k-nearest neighbor for multi-label problems
N Rastin, MZ Jahromi, M Taheri
Pattern Recognition 114, 107526, 2021
A multiview learning method for malware threat hunting: windows, IoT and android as case studies
H Darabian, A Dehghantanha, S Hashemi, M Taheri, A Azmoodeh, ...
World Wide Web, 2020
An Improved Fuzzy Feature Clustering and Selection based on Chi-Squared-Test
E Chitsaz, M Taheri, SD Katebi, MZ Jahromi
Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer …, 2009
Based recommender systems: a proposed rating prediction scheme using word embedding representation of reviews
S Hasanzadeh, SM Fakhrahmad, M Taheri
The Computer Journal 65 (2), 345-354, 2022
Fast Linear SVM Validation Based on Early Stopping in Iterative Learning
M Famouri, M Taheri, Z Azimifar
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Nearest Neighbor Classification with Locally Weighted Distance for Imbalanced Data
Z Hajizadeh, M Taheri, MZ Jahromi
Seizure source localization using a hybrid second order blind identification and extended rival penalized competitive learning algorithm
D Jarchi, R Boostani, M Taheri, S Sanei
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 4 (2), 108-117, 2009
A cost sensitive learning algorithm for intrusion detection
S Ghodratnama, MR Moosavi, M Taheri, M Zolghadri Jahromi
Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 2010 18th Iranian Conference on, 559-565, 2010
Novel auxiliary techniques in clustering
M Taheri, R Boostani
International Conf. on computer science and engineering, 2007
Data driven leakage diagnosis for oil pipelines: An integrated approach of factor analysis and deep neural network classifier
FFS Morteza Zadkarami, Ali Akbar Safavi, Mohammad Taheri
Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, 2020
A fuzzy approach to clustering and selecting features for classification of gene expression data
E Chitsaz, M Taheri, SD Katebi
Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2, 2008
Kernelized distance learning for zero-shot recognition
MR Zarei, M Taheri, Y Long
Information Sciences 580, 801-818, 2021
A Stacking Weighted k-Nearest Neighbor with Thresholding
N Rastin, M Taheri, MZ Jahromi
Information Sciences, 2021
A novel framework to generate clustering algorithms based on a particular classification structure
H Karami, M Taheri
2017 Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing Conference (AISP), 201-204, 2017
EfficientMask-Net for face authentication in the era of COVID-19 pandemic
N Azouji, A Sami, M Taheri
Signal, Image and Video Processing 16 (7), 1991-1999, 2022
An Efficient Ensemble of Convolutional Deep Steganalysis Based on Clustering
T Abazar, P Masjedi, M Taheri
2020 6th International Conference on Web Research (ICWR), 260-264, 2020
An improved longest common subsequence algorithm for reducing memory complexity in global alignment of DNA sequences
E Parvinnia, M Taheri, K Ziarati
2008 International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics 1, 57-61, 2008
Fake News Spreader Identification in Twitter using Ensemble Modeling. Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2020.
A Hashemi, MR Zarei, MR Moosavi, M Taheri
CLEF (Working Notes), 2020
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