Caroline Marcon
Caroline Marcon
University of Bonn, INRES, Crop Functional Genomics
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Structure of a 14-3-3 coordinated hexamer of the plant plasma membrane H+-ATPase by combining X-ray crystallography and electron cryomicroscopy
C Ottmann, S Marco, N Jaspert, C Marcon, N Schauer, M Weyand, ...
Molecular cell 25 (3), 427-440, 2007
Complementation contributes to transcriptome complexity in maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids relative to their inbred parents
A Paschold, Y Jia, C Marcon, S Lund, NB Larson, CT Yeh, S Ossowski, ...
Genome research 22 (12), 2445-2454, 2012
Genetic control of root system development in maize
F Hochholdinger, P Yu, C Marcon
Trends in Plant Science 23 (1), 79-88, 2018
Roothairless5, which functions in maize (Zea mays L.) root hair initiation and elongation encodes a monocot‐specific NADPH oxidase
J Nestler, S Liu, TJ Wen, A Paschold, C Marcon, HM Tang, D Li, L Li, ...
The Plant Journal 79 (5), 729-740, 2014
Molecular dissection of heterosis manifestation during early maize root development
A Paschold, C Marcon, N Hoecker, F Hochholdinger
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 120 (2), 383-388, 2010
Extensive tissue-specific transcriptomic plasticity in maize primary roots upon water deficit
N Opitz, C Marcon, A Paschold, WA Malik, A Lithio, R Brandt, HP Piepho, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 67 (4), 1095-1107, 2016
Transcriptomic and anatomical complexity of primary, seminal, and crown roots highlight root type-specific functional diversity in maize (Zea mays L.)
H Tai, X Lu, N Opitz, C Marcon, A Paschold, A Lithio, D Nettleton, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 67 (4), 1123-1135, 2016
Transcriptomic complexity in young maize primary roots in response to low water potentials
N Opitz, A Paschold, C Marcon, WA Malik, C Lanz, HP Piepho, ...
BMC genomics 15 (1), 1-13, 2014
Nonsyntenic genes drive highly dynamic complementation of gene expression in maize hybrids
A Paschold, NB Larson, C Marcon, JC Schnable, CT Yeh, C Lanz, ...
The Plant Cell 26 (10), 3939-3948, 2014
The Aux/IAA gene rum1 involved in seminal and lateral root formation controls vascular patterning in maize (Zea mays L.) primary roots
Y Zhang, A Paschold, C Marcon, S Liu, H Tai, J Nestler, CT Yeh, N Opitz, ...
Journal of experimental botany 65 (17), 4919-4930, 2014
European maize genomes highlight intraspecies variation in repeat and gene content
G Haberer, N Kamal, E Bauer, H Gundlach, I Fischer, MA Seidel, ...
Nature Genetics 52 (9), 950-957, 2020
Nonadditive Protein Accumulation Patterns in Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids during Embryo Development
C Marcon, A Schützenmeister, W Schütz, J Madlung, HP Piepho, ...
Journal of proteome research 9 (12), 6511-6522, 2010
A high-resolution tissue-specific proteome and phosphoproteome atlas of maize primary roots reveals functional gradients along the root axes
C Marcon, WA Malik, JW Walley, Z Shen, A Paschold, LG Smith, ...
Plant Physiology 168 (1), 233-246, 2015
Root type-specific reprogramming of maize pericycle transcriptomes by local high nitrate results in disparate lateral root branching patterns
P Yu, JA Baldauf, A Lithio, C Marcon, D Nettleton, C Li, F Hochholdinger
Plant Physiology 170 (3), 1783-1798, 2016
Nonsyntenic genes drive tissue-specific dynamics of differential, nonadditive, and allelic expression patterns in maize hybrids
JA Baldauf, C Marcon, A Paschold, F Hochholdinger
Plant physiology 171 (2), 1144-1155, 2016
Heterosis-associated proteome analyses of maize (Zea mays L.) seminal roots by quantitative label-free LC–MS
C Marcon, T Lamkemeyer, WA Malik, D Ungrue, HP Piepho, ...
Journal of proteomics 93, 295-302, 2013
Regulation of the plant plasma membrane H+-ATPase by its C-terminal domain: what do we know for sure?
C Speth, N Jaspert, C Marcon, C Oecking
European Journal of Cell Biology 89 (2-3), 145-151, 2010
Experimental platforms for the investigation of spatiotemporal patterns in the rhizosphere—laboratory and field scale
D Vetterlein, E Lippold, S Schreiter, M Phalempin, T Fahrenkampf, ...
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 184 (1), 35-50, 2021
Single-parent expression is a general mechanism driving extensive complementation of non-syntenic genes in maize hybrids
JA Baldauf, C Marcon, A Lithio, L Vedder, L Altrogge, HP Piepho, ...
Current Biology 28 (3), 431-437. e4, 2018
Stability of single-parent gene expression complementation in maize hybrids upon water deficit stress
C Marcon, A Paschold, WA Malik, A Lithio, JA Baldauf, L Altrogge, N Opitz, ...
Plant Physiology 173 (2), 1247-1257, 2017
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