Andrew M. Kramer
Andrew M. Kramer
Assistant professor, University of South Florida
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The evidence for Allee effects
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Global patterns of zoonotic disease in mammals
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Spread of white-nose syndrome on a network regulated by geography and climate
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Experimental demonstration of population extinction due to a predator‐driven Allee effect
AM Kramer, JM Drake
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Spatial spread of the West Africa Ebola epidemic
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Mechanistic analogy: how microcosms explain nature
JM Drake, AM Kramer
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Critical patch size generated by Allee effect in gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar (L.)
E Vercken, AM Kramer, PC Tobin, JM Drake
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Allee effects
JM Drake, AM Kramer
Nat. Educ. Knowl 3 (10), 2, 2011
Global economic costs of aquatic invasive alien species
RN Cuthbert, Z Pattison, NG Taylor, L Verbrugge, C Diagne, DA Ahmed, ...
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Spatiotemporal fluctuations and triggers of Ebola virus spillover
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Pheromone trail following in three dimensions by the freshwater copepod Hesperodiaptomus shoshone
J Yen, JK Sehn, K Catton, A Kramer, O Sarnelle
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Density‐dependent selection on mate search and evolution of Allee effects
L Berec, AM Kramer, V Bernhauerová, JM Drake
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Analysing global economic costs of invasive alien species with the invacost R package
B Leroy, AM Kramer, AC Vaissière, F Courchamp, C Diagne
bioRxiv, 2020
Experimental demonstration of an Allee effect in microbial populations
RRB Kaul, AM Kramer, FC Dobbs, JM Drake
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Suitability of Laurentian Great Lakes for invasive species based on global species distribution models and local habitat
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Limits to genetic bottlenecks and founder events imposed by the Allee effect
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Oecologia 157 (4), 561-569, 2008
Predation Resistance and Nematocyst Scaling for Metridium senile and M. farcimen
A Kramer, L Francis
The Biological Bulletin 207 (2), 130-140, 2004
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