Greg O'Neill
Greg O'Neill
forest geneticist, BC Forest Service
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Use of response functions in selecting lodgepole pine populations for future climates
T Wang, A Hamann, A Yanchuk, GA O'neill, SN Aitken
Global Change Biology 12 (12), 2404-2416, 2006
Integrating environmental and genetic effects to predict responses of tree populations to climate
T Wang, GA O'Neill, SN Aitken
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Accounting for population variation improves estimates of the impact of climate change on species’ growth and distribution
GA O’Neill, A Hamann, T Wang
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Placing forestry in the assisted migration debate
JH Pedlar, DW McKenney, I Aubin, T Beardmore, J Beaulieu, L Iverson, ...
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Projecting future distributions of ecosystem climate niches: uncertainties and management applications
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Intraspecific variation buffers projected climate change impacts on Pinus contorta
B Oney, B Reineking, G O'Neill, J Kreyling
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Climate change and forest seed zones: Past trends, future prospects and challenges to ponder
D McKenney, J Pedlar, G O’Neill
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Assisted migration to address climate change in British Columbia: recommendations for interim seed transfer standards. BC Min. For. Range, Res. Br., Victoria
GA O’Neill, NK Ukrainetz, MR Carlson, CV Cartwright, BC Jaquish, ...
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Strategies for genetic conservation of trees in the Peruvian Amazon
GA O'neill, I Dawson, C Sotelo-Montes, L Guarino, M Guariguata, ...
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Ecological resilience and complexity: a theoretical framework for understanding and managing British Columbia's forest ecosystems in a changing climate.
E Campbell, SC Saunders, D Coates, D Meidinger, A MacKinnon, ...
Technical Report-Ministry of Forests and Range, Forest Science Program …, 2009
The implementation of assisted migrationin Canadian forests
J Pedlar, D McKenney, J Beaulieu, S Colombo, J McLachlan, G O'Neill
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An assessment of spruce growth response specificity after inoculation with coexistent rhizosphere bacteria
GA O'Neill, CP Chanway, PE Axelrood, RA Radley, FB Holl
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Comparison of fixed and focal point seed transfer systems for reforestation and assisted migration: a case study for interior spruce in British Columbia
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Assisted migration: adapting forest management to a changing climate
SM Leech, PL Almuedo, G O'Neill
Journal of Ecosystems and Management 12 (3), 2011
Quantitative genetics of spring and fall cold hardiness in seedlings from two Oregon populations of coastal Douglas-fir
GA O’Neill, WT Adams, SN Aitken
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Genetic selection for cold hardiness in coastal Douglas-fir seedlings and saplings
GA O'Neill, SN Aitken, WT Adams
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30 (11), 1799-1807, 2000
Linking population genetics and tree height growth models to predict impacts of climate change on forest production
GA O'Neill, G Nigh
Global Change Biology 17 (10), 3208-3217, 2011
Using a spatiotemporal climate model to assess population-level Douglas-fir growth sensitivity to climate change across large climatic gradients in British Columbia, Canada
HP Griesbauer, DS Green, GA O’Neill
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Geographic variation in resin canal defenses in seedlings from the Sitka spruce× white spruce introgression zone
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Variable effects of emergence-promoting rhizobacteria on conifer seedling growth under nursery conditions
GA O'Neill, RA Radley, CP Chanway
Biology and fertility of soils 13 (1), 45-49, 1992
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