Miao Liu (刘淼)
Miao Liu (刘淼)
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Odyssey of multivalent cathode materials: open questions and future challenges
P Canepa, G Sai Gautam, DC Hannah, R Malik, M Liu, KG Gallagher, ...
Chemical reviews 117 (5), 4287-4341, 2017
Ultrafine Co nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon‐nanotubes‐grafted graphene sheets as advanced electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Z Chen, R Wu, Y Liu, Y Ha, Y Guo, D Sun, M Liu, F Fang
Advanced Materials 30 (30), 1802011, 2018
Artificial intelligence: A powerful paradigm for scientific research
Y Xu, X Liu, X Cao, C Huang, E Liu, S Qian, X Liu, Y Wu, F Dong, CW Qiu, ...
The Innovation 2 (4), 2021
Materials Design Rules for Multi-Valent Ion Mobility in Intercalation Structures
Z Rong, R Malik, P Canepa, G Sai Gautam, M Liu, A Jain, K Persson, ...
Chemistry of materials, 2015
Spinel Compounds as Multivalent Battery Cathodes: A Systematic Evaluation Based on ab initio Calculations
M Liu, Z Rong, R Malik, P Canepa, A Jain, G Ceder, K Persson
Energy & Environmental Science 2015 (8), 964-974, 2015
A High Capacity Thiospinel Cathode for Mg Batteries
X Sun, P Connick, V Dufort, M Liu, Z Rong, KA Persson, G Ceder, ...
Energy & Environmental Science, 2016
Oriented transformation of Co‐LDH into 2D/3D ZIF‐67 to achieve Co–N–C hybrids for efficient overall water splitting
Z Chen, Y Ha, H Jia, X Yan, M Chen, M Liu, R Wu
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (19), 1803918, 2019
General Synthesis of Dual Carbon-Confined Metal Sulfides Quantum Dots Toward High-Performance Anodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries
Z Chen, R Wu, M Liu, H Wang, H Xu, Y Guo, Y Song, F Fang, X Yu, D Sun
Advanced Functional Materials 2017, 1702046, 2017
Boronization‐induced ultrathin 2D nanosheets with abundant crystalline–amorphous phase boundary supported on nickel foam toward efficient water splitting
H Xu, B Fei, G Cai, Y Ha, J Liu, H Jia, J Zhang, M Liu, R Wu
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (3), 1902714, 2020
Quantum manifestations of graphene edge stress and edge instability: A first-principles study
B Huang, M Liu, N Su, J Wu, W Duan, B Gu, F Liu
Physical review letters 102 (16), 166404, 2009
Rational Construction of Nitrogen‐Doped Hierarchical Dual‐Carbon for Advanced Potassium‐Ion Hybrid Capacitors
J Ruan, F Mo, Z Chen, M Liu, S Zheng, R Wu, F Fang, Y Song, D Sun
Advanced Energy Materials, 1904045, 2020
High-throughput screening of inorganic compounds for the discovery of novel dielectric and optical materials
I Petousis, D Mrdjenovich, E Ballouz, M Liu, D Winston, W Chen, T Graf, ...
Scientific Data 4, 2017
First-principles evaluation of multi-valent cation insertion into orthorhombic V2O5
GS Gautam, P Canepa, R Malik, M Liu, K Persson, G Ceder
Chemical Communications, 2015
Comparison study of the luminescent properties of the white-light long afterglow phosphors: CaxMgSi2O(5+x): Dy3+(x= 1, 2, 3)
Y Chen, X Cheng, M Liu, Z Qi, C Shi
Journal of Luminescence 129 (5), 531-535, 2009
Photoluminescence of monolayer MoS2 on LaAlO3 and SrTiO3 substrates
Y Li, Z Qi, M Liu, Y Wang, X Cheng, G Zhang, L Sheng
Nanoscale 6, 15248, 2014
Evaluation of sulfur spinel compounds for multivalent battery cathode applications
M Liu, A Jain, Z Rong, X Qu, P Canepa, R Malik, G Ceder, KA Persson
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (10), 3201-3209, 2016
Is alpha-V2O5 a cathode material for Mg insertion batteries?
N Sa, H Wang, DL Proffit, AL Lipson, B Key, M Liu, Z Feng, TT Fister, ...
Journal of Power Sources 323, 44-50, 2016
Collective magnetic behavior of graphene nanohole superlattices
D Yu, EM Lupton, M Liu, W Liu, F Liu
Nano Research 1, 56-62, 2008
Iron-doping-induced phase transformation in dual-carbon-confined cobalt diselenide enabling superior lithium storage
Y Liu, Z Chen, H Jia, H Xu, M Liu, R Wu
ACS nano 13 (5), 6113-6124, 2019
Vacancy occupation-driven polymorphic transformation in cobalt ditelluride for boosted oxygen evolution reaction
Z Chen, M Chen, X Yan, H Jia, B Fei, Y Ha, H Qing, H Yang, M Liu, R Wu
ACS nano 14 (6), 6968-6979, 2020
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