Desiree Andersen
Desiree Andersen
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Climate change-based models predict range shifts in the distribution of the only Asian plethodontid salamander: Karsenia koreana
A Borzée, D Andersen, J Groffen, HT Kim, Y Bae, Y Jang
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1-9, 2019
Yellow sea mediated segregation between North East Asian Dryophytes species
A Borzee, KR Messenger, S Chae, D Andersen, J Groffen, YI Kim, J An, ...
PLoS One 15 (6), e0234299, 2020
Population trend inferred from aural surveys for calling anurans in Korea
A Borzée, D Andersen, Y Jang
PeerJ 6, e5568, 2018
Spatio-temporal characteristics and predictions of the endangered leopard cat Prionailirus bengalensis euptilura road-kills in the Republic of Korea
K Kim, H Serret, C Clauzel, D Andersen, Y Jang
Global Ecology and Conservation 19, e00673, 2019
Urban heat island effect on cicada densities in metropolitan Seoul
HQ Nguyen, DK Andersen, Y Kim, Y Jang
PeerJ 6, e4238, 2018
Impact of the Mid-Pleistocene Revolution and Anthropogenic Factors on the Dispersion of Asian Black-Spined Toads (Duttaphrynus melanostictus)
SN Othman, YH Chen, MF Chuang, D Andersen, Y Jang, A Borzée
Animals 10 (7), 1157, 2020
Update on distribution and conservation status of amphibians in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Conclusions based on field surveys, environmental modelling …
A Borzée, SN Litvinchuk, K Ri, D Andersen, TY Nam, GH Jon, HS Man, ...
Animals 11 (7), 2057, 2021
From Gondwana to the Yellow Sea, evolutionary diversifications of true toads Bufo sp. in the Eastern Palearctic and a revisit of species boundaries for Asian lineages
SN Othman, SN Litvinchuk, I Maslova, H Dahn, KR Messenger, ...
Elife 11, e70494, 2022
Use of a spatially explicit individual-based model to predict population trajectories and habitat connectivity for a reintroduced ursid
D Andersen, Y Yi, A Borzée, K Kim, KS Moon, JJ Kim, TW Kim, Y Jang
Oryx, 2021
Biodiversity and Transportation Infrastructure in the Republic of Korea: A Review on Impacts and Mitigation in Developing the Country
D Andersen, Y Jang
Diversity 13 (11), 519, 2021
Incorporation of latitude-adjusted bioclimatic variables increases accuracy in species distribution models
D Andersen, SN Litvinchuk, HJ Jang, J Jiang, KS Koo, I Maslova, D Kim, ...
Ecological Modelling 469, 109986, 2022
First dispersal event of a reintroduced Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus) in Korea
A Borzee, Y Yi, D Andersen, K Kim, KS Moon, JJ Kim, TW Kim, Y Jang
Russian Journal of Theriology. Русский териологический журнал 18 (1), 51-55, 2019
Increasing salinity stress decreases the thermal tolerance of amphibian tadpoles in coastal areas of Taiwan
MF Chuang, YJ Cheng, D Andersen, A Borzée, CS Wu, YM Chang, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 1-11, 2022
Spawning site selection and segregation at the landscape, habitat and microhabitat scales for five syntopic Asian amphibians
J Ambu, D Andersen, A Borzée
Amphibia-Reptilia 43 (2), 169-180, 2022
Elevational Distribution of Amphibians: Resolving Distributions, Patterns, and Species Communities in the Republic of Korea
D Andersen, MF Chuang, M Choe, A Kim, S Kwon, Y Jang, A Borzée
Zoological Studies 61, 2022
Predicting global climatic suitability for the four most invasive anuran species using ecological niche factor analysis
D Andersen, A Borzée, Y Jang
Global Ecology and Conservation 25, e01433, 2021
Breeding phenology and landscape use in all amphibian species from the Republic of Korea based on open-source data
J Groffen, D Andersen, A Borzée
Frontiers in Environmental Science 10, 846481, 2022
Influence of landscape and connectivity on anuran conservation: population viability analyses to designate protected areas
D Andersen, Y Jang, A Borzée
Animal Conservation, 2022
East palearctic treefrog past and present habitat suitability using ecological niche models
D Andersen, I Maslova, Z Purevdorj, JT Li, KR Messenger, JL Ren, Y Jang, ...
PeerJ 10, e12999, 2022
Towards Ecological Management and Sustainable Urban Planning in Seoul, South Korea: Mapping Wild Pollinator Habitat Preferences and Corridors Using Citizen Science Data
H Serret, D Andersen, N Deguines, C Clauzel, WH Park, Y Jang
Animals 12 (11), 1469, 2022
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