ruwanza sheunesu
ruwanza sheunesu
Senior Lecturer of Ecology, Rhodes University
Потвърден имейл адрес: ru.ac.za
Unpacking Pandora’s box: understanding and categorising ecosystem disservices for environmental management and human wellbeing
CM Shackleton, S Ruwanza, GK Sinasson Sanni, S Bennett, P De Lacy, ...
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The effectiveness of active and passive restoration on recovery of indigenous vegetation in riparian zones in the Western Cape, South Africa: A preliminary assessment
S Ruwanza, M Gaertner, KJ Esler, DM Richardson
South African Journal of Botany 88, 132-141, 2013
Both complete clearing and thinning of invasive trees lead to short‐term recovery of native riparian vegetation in the W estern C ape, S outh A frica
S Ruwanza, M Gaertner, KJ Esler, DM Richardson
Applied Vegetation Science 16 (2), 193-204, 2013
Allelopathic effects of invasive Eucalyptus camaldulensis on germination and early growth of four native species in the Western Cape, South Africa
S Ruwanza, M Gaertner, KJ Esler, DM Richardson
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Biological invasions and ecological restoration in South Africa
PM Holmes, KJ Esler, M Gaertner, S Geerts, SA Hall, MM Nsikani, ...
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Incorporation of environmental issues in South Africa’s municipal Integrated Development Plans
S Ruwanza, CM Shackleton
International journal of sustainable development & world ecology 23 (1), 28-39, 2016
Soil water repellency in riparian systems invaded by Eucalyptus camaldulensis: a restoration perspective from the Western Cape Province, South Africa
S Ruwanza, M Gaertner, DM Richardson, KJ Esler
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Eucalyptus camaldulensis in South Africa – past, present, future
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Effects of the invasive shrub, Lantana camara, on soil properties in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
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The edge effect on plant diversity and soil properties in abandoned fields targeted for ecological restoration
S Ruwanza
Sustainability 11 (1), 140, 2018
Does Eucalyptus grandis invasion and removal affect soils and vegetation in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa?
TF Kerr, S Ruwanza
Austral Ecology 41 (3), 328-338, 2016
Secondary invasion and weedy native species dominance after clearing invasive alien plants in South Africa: Status quo and prognosis
MM Nsikani, S Geerts, S Ruwanza, DM Richardson
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The Effects of Expansive Shrubs on Plant Species Richness and Soils in Semi‐arid Communal Lands, South Africa
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Land Degradation & Development 28 (7), 2191-2206, 2017
Density and regrowth of a forest restio (Ischyrolepis eleocharis) under harvest and non-harvest treatments in dune forests of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
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Medium-term vegetation recovery after removal of invasive Eucalyptus camaldulensis stands along a South African river
S Ruwanza, M Gaertner, KJ Esler, DM Richardson
South African Journal of Botany 119, 63-68, 2018
Ecosystem‐scale impacts of non‐timber forest product harvesting: effects on soil nutrients
S Ruwanza, CM Shackleton
Journal of Applied Ecology 54 (5), 1515-1525, 2017
Soil and vegetation recovery following alien tree clearing in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa
E Ndou, S Ruwanza
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Invasion of abandoned agricultural fields by Acacia mearnsii affect soil properties in Eastern Cape, South Africa
S Ruwanza
Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 15 (1), 127-139, 2017
Physical properties of soil in Pine elliottii and Eucalyptus cloeziana plantations in the Vhembe biosphere, Limpopo Province of South Africa
VE Ntshuxeko, S Ruwanza
Journal of forestry research 31 (2), 625-635, 2020
Sucrose application is ineffectual as a restoration aid in a transformed southern African lowland fynbos ecosystem
S Ruwanza, CF Musil, KJ Esler
South African Journal of Botany 80, 1-8, 2012
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