Bin Fang
Bin Fang
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Pointnetgpd: Detecting grasp configurations from point sets
H Liang, X Ma, S Li, M Görner, S Tang, B Fang, F Sun, J Zhang
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A hybrid deep architecture for robotic grasp detection
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Survey of imitation learning for robotic manipulation
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3D human gesture capturing and recognition by the IMMU-based data glove
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Touchless interactive teaching of soft robots through flexible bimodal sensory interfaces
W Liu, Y Duo, J Liu, F Yuan, L Li, L Li, G Wang, B Chen, S Wang, H Yang, ...
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Robotic room-level localization using multiple sets of sonar measurements
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Weakly paired multimodal fusion for object recognition
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Vision-based teleoperation of shadow dexterous hand using end-to-end deep neural network
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Deep reinforcement learning for robotic pushing and picking in cluttered environment
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Multimode grasping soft gripper achieved by layer jamming structure and tendon-driven mechanism
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An optimal calibration method for a MEMS inertial measurement unit
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Reinforcement learning from imperfect demonstrations under soft expert guidance
M Jing, X Ma, W Huang, F Sun, C Yang, B Fang, H Liu
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Cough recognition based on mel-spectrogram and convolutional neural network
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A soft gripper with programmable effective length, tactile and curvature sensory feedback
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A review of smart materials for the boost of soft actuators, soft sensors, and robotics applications
Y Hao, S Zhang, B Fang, F Sun, H Liu, H Li
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[Retracted] Design and Workspace Analysis of a Parallel Ankle Rehabilitation Robot (PARR)
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Multimodal measurements fusion for surface material categorization
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B Fang, F Sun, H Liu, D Guo
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