Diego Ayala
Diego Ayala
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Ecological niche partitioning between Anopheles gambiae molecular forms in Cameroon: the ecological side of speciation
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Anopheles gambiae 1000 Genomes Consortium
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D Ayala, C Costantini, K Ose, GC Kamdem, C Antonio-Nkondjio, JP Agbor, ...
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Carryover effects of larval exposure to different environmental bacteria drive adult trait variation in a mosquito vector
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Reproductive isolation and local adaptation quantified for a chromosome inversion in a malaria mosquito
D Ayala, RF Guerrero, M Kirkpatrick
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Climate and urbanization drive mosquito preference for humans
NH Rose, M Sylla, A Badolo, J Lutomiah, D Ayala, OB Aribodor, N Ibe, ...
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Chromosomal Inversions, Natural Selection and Adaptation in the Malaria Vector Anopheles funestus
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D Ayala, A Ullastres, J González
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Ape malaria transmission and potential for ape-to-human transfers in Africa
B Makanga, P Yangari, N Rahola, V Rougeron, E Elguero, L Boundenga, ...
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An ace-1 gene duplication resorbs the fitness cost associated with resistance in Anopheles gambiae, the main malaria mosquito
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Whole-genome sequencing reveals high complexity of copy number variation at insecticide resistance loci in malaria mosquitoes
ER Lucas, A Miles, NJ Harding, CS Clarkson, MKN Lawniczak, ...
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Association mapping desiccation resistance within chromosomal inversions in the African malaria vector Anopheles gambiae
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P Kotsakiozi, BR Evans, A Gloria‐Soria, B Kamgang, M Mayanja, ...
Ecology and evolution 8 (16), 7835-7848, 2018
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