Dries F. Benoit
Dries F. Benoit
Associate professor of Data Analytics, Ghent University
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Bayesian adaptive Lasso quantile regression
R Alhamzawi, K Yu, DF Benoit
Statistical Modelling 12 (3), 279-297, 2012
Improved marketing decision making in a customer churn prediction context using generalized additive models
K Coussement, DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Expert systems with Applications 37 (3), 2132-2143, 2010
Benefits of quantile regression for the analysis of customer lifetime value in a contractual setting: An application in financial services
DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (7), 10475-10484, 2009
Binary quantile regression: a Bayesian approach based on the asymmetric Laplace distribution
DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Journal of Applied Econometrics 27 (7), 1174-1188, 2012
Predicting student dropout in subscription-based online learning environments: The beneficial impact of the logit leaf model
K Coussement, M Phan, A De Caigny, DF Benoit, A Raes
Decision Support Systems 135, 113325, 2020
Bluetooth tracking of humans in an indoor environment: An application to shopping mall visits
D Oosterlinck, DF Benoit, P Baecke, N Van de Weghe
Applied geography 78, 55-65, 2017
bayesQR: A Bayesian approach to quantile regression
DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Journal of Statistical Software 76, 1-32, 2017
Identifying influencers in a social network: The value of real referral data
I Roelens, P Baecke, DF Benoit
Decision Support Systems 91, 25-36, 2016
Improving customer retention in financial services using kinship network information
DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Expert Systems with Applications 39 (13), 11435-11442, 2012
Promoting metacognitive regulation through collaborative problem solving on the web: When scripting does not work
A Raes, T Schellens, B De Wever, DF Benoit
Computers in Human Behavior 58, 325-342, 2016
Bayesian lasso binary quantile regression
DF Benoit, R Alhamzawi, K Yu
Computational Statistics 28, 2861-2873, 2013
Incorporating sequential information in bankruptcy prediction with predictors based on Markov for discrimination
A Volkov, DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Decision Support Systems 98, 59-68, 2017
Integrating expert knowledge and multilingual web crawling data in a lead qualification system
J D’Haen, D Van den Poel, D Thorleuchter, DF Benoit
Decision Support Systems 82, 69-78, 2016
A Bayesian approach for incorporating expert opinions into decision support systems: A case study of online consumer-satisfaction detection
K Coussement, DF Benoit, M Antioco
Decision Support Systems 79, 24-32, 2015
Interpretable data science for decision making
K Coussement, DF Benoit
Decision Support Systems 150, 113664, 2021
On realising the utopian potential of big data analytics for maximising return on marketing investments
DF Benoit, S Lessmann, W Verbeke
Journal of Marketing Management 36 (3-4), 233-247, 2020
Modeling and analysis of residential flexibility: Timing of white good usage
N Sadeghianpourhamami, T Demeester, DF Benoit, M Strobbe, ...
Applied energy 179, 790-805, 2016
Synthetic data generator for electric vehicle charging sessions: modeling and evaluation using real-world data
M Lahariya, DF Benoit, C Develder
Energies 13 (16), 4211, 2020
Improving direct mail targeting through customer response modeling
K Coussement, P Harrigan, DF Benoit
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (22), 8403-8412, 2015
Enhanced decision support in credit scoring using Bayesian binary quantile regression
VL Miguéis, DF Benoit, D Van den Poel
Journal of the Operational Research Society 64, 1374-1383, 2013
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