Ivar Herfindal
Ivar Herfindal
Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Потвърден имейл адрес: bio.ntnu.no
Prey density, environmental productivity and home-range size in the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)
I Herfindal, JDC Linnell, J Odden, EB Nilsen, R Andersen
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Screening global positioning system location data for errors using animal movement characteristics
K Bjørneraas, B Van Moorter, CM Rolandsen, I Herfindal
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Climate, icing, and wild arctic reindeer: past relationships and future prospects
BB Hansen, R Aanes, I Herfindal, J Kohler, BE Sæther
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K Bjørneraas, EJ Solberg, I Herfindal, B Van Moorter, CM Rolandsen, ...
Wildlife Biology 17 (1), 44-54, 2011
Can intra-specific variation in carnivore home-range size be explained using remote-sensing estimates of environmental productivity?
EB Nilsen, I Herfindal, JDC Linnell
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What shapes Eurasian lynx distribution in human dominated landscapes: selecting prey or avoiding people?
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Habitat quality influences population distribution, individual space use and functional responses in habitat selection by a large herbivore
K Bjørneraas, I Herfindal, EJ Solberg, BE Sæther, B van Moorter, ...
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Lynx depredation on domestic sheep in Norway
J Odden, JDC Linnell, PF Moa, I Herfindal, T Kvam, R Andersen
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Scale dependency and functional response in moose habitat selection
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Population characteristics predict responses in moose body mass to temporal variation in the environment
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Zoning as a means of mitigating conflicts with large carnivores: principles and reality
JDC Linnell, EB Nilsen, US Lande, I Herfindal, J Odden, K Skogen, ...
Predicting the continuum between corridors and barriers to animal movements using Step Selection Functions and Randomized Shortest Paths
M Panzacchi, B Van Moorter, O Strand, M Saerens, I Kivimäki, ...
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Environmental phenology and geographical gradients in moose body mass
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Functional response in habitat selection and the tradeoffs between foraging niche components in a large herbivore
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Selecting habitat to survive: the impact of road density on survival in a large carnivore
M Basille, B Van Moorter, I Herfindal, J Martin, JDC Linnell, J Odden, ...
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The length of growing season and adult sex ratio affect sexual size dimorphism in moose
M Garel, EJ Solberg, BE SÆther, I Herfindal, KA Høgda
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Home ranges, habitat and body mass: simple correlates of home range size in ungulates
EG Ofstad, I Herfindal, EJ Solberg, BE Sæther
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‘You shall not pass!’: quantifying barrier permeability and proximity avoidance by animals
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Does recreational hunting of lynx reduce depredation losses of domestic sheep?
I Herfindal, JDC Linnell, PF Moa, J Odden, LB Austmo, R Andersen
The Journal of Wildlife Management 69 (3), 1034-1042, 2005
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