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Atmospheric mercury transfer to peat bogs dominated by gaseous elemental mercury dry deposition
M Enrico, GL Roux, N Marusczak, LE Heimbürger, A Claustres, X Fu, ...
Environmental science & technology 50 (5), 2405-2412, 2016
Atmospheric mercury concentrations observed at ground-based monitoring sites globally distributed in the framework of the GMOS network
F Sprovieri, N Pirrone, M Bencardino, F D'Amore, F Carbone, S Cinnirella, ...
Atmospheric chemistry and physics 16 (18), 11915-11935, 2016
Springtime changes in snow chemistry lead to new insights into mercury methylation in the Arctic
C Larose, A Dommergue, M De Angelis, D Cossa, B Averty, N Marusczak, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 (22), 6263-6275, 2010
Isotopic composition of gaseous elemental mercury in the free troposphere of the Pic du Midi Observatory, France
X Fu, N Marusczak, X Wang, F Gheusi, JE Sonke
Environmental science & technology 50 (11), 5641-5650, 2016
Eurasian river spring flood observations support net Arctic Ocean mercury export to the atmosphere and Atlantic Ocean
JE Sonke, R Teisserenc, LE Heimbürger-Boavida, MV Petrova, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (50), E11586-E11594, 2018
Mercury and methylmercury concentrations in high altitude lakes and fish (Arctic charr) from the French Alps related to watershed characteristics
N Marusczak, C Larose, A Dommergue, S Paquet, JS Beaulne, ...
Science of the total environment 409 (10), 1909-1915, 2011
Bioavailable mercury cycling in polar snowpacks
C Larose, A Dommergue, N Marusczak, J Coves, CP Ferrari, D Schneider
Environmental science & technology 45 (6), 2150-2156, 2011
Atmospheric mercury speciation dynamics at the high-altitude Pic du Midi Observatory, southern France
X Fu, N Marusczak, LE Heimbürger, B Sauvage, F Gheusi, EM Prestbo, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (9), 5623-5639, 2016
Tropospheric GOM at the Pic du Midi Observatory Correcting Bias in Denuder Based Observations
N Marusczak, JE Sonke, X Fu, M Jiskra
Environmental science & technology 51 (2), 863-869, 2017
Are red mullet efficient as bio-indicators of mercury contamination? A case study from the French Mediterranean
P Cresson, M Bouchoucha, F Miralles, R Elleboode, K Mahe, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 91 (1), 191-199, 2015
Distribution of perfluoroalkyl compounds and mercury in fish liver from high-mountain lakes in France originating from atmospheric deposition
L Ahrens, N Marusczak, J Rubarth, A Dommergue, R Nedjaï, C Ferrari, ...
Environmental Chemistry 7 (5), 422-428, 2010
Geochemistry of CO2-rich gases venting from submarine volcanism: The case of Kolumbo (Hellenic Volcanic Arc, Greece)
AL Rizzo, A Caracausi, V Chavagnac, P Nomikou, PN Polymenakou, ...
Frontiers in Earth Science 7, 60, 2019
Total mercury and methylmercury in high altitude surface snow from the French Alps
N Marusczak, C Larose, A Dommergue, E Yumvihoze, D Lean, R Nedjai, ...
Science of the total environment 409 (19), 3949-3954, 2011
Sources and exchanges of mercury in the waters of the Northwestern Mediterranean margin
D Cossa, XD De Madron, J Schäfer, S Guédron, N Marusczak, S Castelle, ...
Progress in Oceanography 163, 172-183, 2018
Automated stable isotope sampling of gaseous elemental mercury (ISO-GEM): Insights into GEM emissions from building surfaces
M Jiskra, N Marusczak, KH Leung, L Hawkins, E Prestbo, JE Sonke
Environmental science & technology 53 (8), 4346-4354, 2019
Seasonal Variations of Total Gaseous Mercury at a French Coastal Mediterranean Site
DC Nicolas Marusczak, Sabine Castelle, Benoist de Vogüé, Joël Knoery
Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 2015
Etude du transfert du mercure et du méthylmercure dans les écosystèmes lacustres alpins
N Marusczak
Université de Grenoble, 2010
Oceanic mercury concentrations on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar decreased between 1989 and 2012
D Cossa, J Knoery, M Boye, N Marusczak, B Thomas, P Courau, ...
Anthropocene 29, 100230, 2020
Contribution au développement et à l’amélioration des techniques d’échantillonnage passif (DGT et POCIS)
JL Gonzalez, D Munaron, C Podeur, N Tapie, H Budzinski, N Marusczak, ...
Rapport Aquaref. http://www. aquaref. fr/system/files/2011_II-B-01_point2d …, 2012
Mass independent fractionation of even and odd mercury isotopes during free tropospheric mercury oxidation
X Fu, M Jiskra, X Yang, N Marusczak, M Enrico, J Chmeleff, ...
EarthArXiv, 2020
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