Robert M Jennings
Robert M Jennings
Assistant Professor of Instruction in Biology, and Biology Lab Supervisor
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A “Rosetta Stone” for metazoan zooplankton: DNA barcode analysis of species diversity of the Sargasso Sea (Northwest Atlantic Ocean)
A Bucklin, BD Ortman, RM Jennings, LM Nigro, CJ Sweetman, NJ Copley, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (24-26), 2234-2247, 2010
DNA barcoding of Arctic Ocean holozooplankton for species identification and recognition
A Bucklin, RR Hopcroft, KN Kosobokova, LM Nigro, BD Ortman, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (1-2), 40-48, 2010
Mitochondrial Genomes of Clymenella torquata (Maldanidae) and Riftia pachyptila (Siboglinidae): Evidence for Conserved Gene Order in Annelida
RM Jennings, KM Halanych
Molecular Biology and Evolution 22 (2), 210-222, 2005
Into the deep: a phylogenetic approach to the bivalve subclass Protobranchia
PP Sharma, JD Zardus, EE Boyle, VL González, RM Jennings, E McIntyre, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 69 (1), 188-204, 2013
Species diversity of planktonic gastropods (Pteropoda and Heteropoda) from six ocean regions based on DNA barcode analysis
RM Jennings, A Bucklin, H Ossenbrügger, RR Hopcroft
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 57 (24-26), 2199-2210, 2010
Phylogeography of a pan‐Atlantic abyssal protobranch bivalve: implications for evolution in the deep Atlantic
RJ Etter, EE Boyle, A Glazier, RM Jennings, E Dutra, MR Chase
Molecular Ecology 20 (4), 829-843, 2011
Population differentiation and species formation in the deep sea: the potential role of environmental gradients and depth
RM Jennings, RJ Etter, L Ficarra
PLoS One 8 (10), e77594, 2013
Barcoding of arrow worms (Phylum Chaetognatha) from three oceans: genetic diversity and evolution within an enigmatic phylum
RM Jennings, A Bucklin, A Pierrot-Bults
PLoS One 5 (4), e9949, 2010
Testing biological control of colonization by vestimentiferan tubeworms at deep-sea hydrothermal vents (East Pacific Rise, 9° 50′ N)
HL Hunt, A Metaxas, RM Jennings, KM Halanych, LS Mullineaux
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 51 (2), 225-234, 2004
Discovery of swimming males of Paratanaoidea (Tanaidacea)
M Błażewicz-Paszkowycz, RM Jennings, K Jeskulke, S Brix
Polish Polar Research, 415-453-415-453, 2014
Assessment of the Cape Cod Phylogeographic Break Using the Bamboo Worm Clymenella torquata Reveals the Role of Regional Water Masses in Dispersal
RM Jennings, TM Shank, LS Mullineaux, KM Halanych
Journal of Heredity 100 (1), 86-96, 2009
Phylogenetic relationships of mid-oceanic ridge and continental lineages of Lasaea spp.(Mollusca: Bivalvia) in the northeastern Atlantic
DÓ Foighil, R Jennings, JK Park, DA Merriwether
Marine Ecology Progress Series 213, 165-175, 2001
The IceAGE project–a follow up of BIOICE
S Brix, K Meissner, B Stansky, KM Halanych, RM Jennings, KM Kocot, ...
Polish Polar Research 35 (2), 2014
Molecular species delimitation and its implications for species descriptions using desmosomatid and nannoniscid isopods from the VEMA fracture zone as example taxa
S Brix, S Bober, C Tschesche, TC Kihara, A Driskell, RM Jennings
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 148, 180-207, 2018
Hidden diversity in two species complexes of munnopsid isopods (Crustacea) at the transition between the northernmost North Atlantic and the Nordic Seas
S Schnurr, KJ Osborn, M Malyutina, R Jennings, S Brix, A Driskell, ...
Marine Biodiversity 48 (2), 813-843, 2018
Integrative species delimitation in the deep-sea genus Thaumastosoma Hessler, 1970 (Isopoda, Asellota, Nannoniscidae) reveals a new genus and species from the Atlantic and …
S Kaiser, S Brix, TC Kihara, A Janssen, RM Jennings
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 148, 151-179, 2018
Exon‐primed, intron‐crossing (EPIC) loci for five nuclear genes in deep‐sea protobranch bivalves: primer design, PCR protocols and locus utility
RM Jennings, RJ Etter
Molecular ecology resources 11 (6), 1102-1112, 2011
Analysis of genetic diversity of planktonic gastropods from several ocean regions using DNA barcodes
RM Jennings, A Bucklin, H Ossenbrügger, RR Hopcroft
Deep-Sea Research II 57 (24-26), 2199-2210, 2010
Integrative species delimitation of desmosomatid and nannoniscid isopods from the Kuril-Kamchatka trench, with description of a hadal species
RM Jennings, O Golovan, S Brix
Progress in Oceanography 182, 102236, 2020
Overflow, circulation and biodiversity-Cruise No. M85/3-August 27-September 28, 2011-Reykjavik (Iceland)-Cuxhaven (Germany
S Brix, W Bauernfeind, N Brenke, M Blazewicz, V Borges, K Buldt, ...
Meteor-Berichte, 2012
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