Kevin B. Smith
Kevin B. Smith
Professor of Political Science University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Потвърден имейл адрес: unl.edu
The public administration theory primer
HG Frederickson, KB Smith, C Larimer, MJ Licari
Routledge, 2018
Political attitudes vary with physiological traits
DR Oxley, KB Smith, JR Alford, MV Hibbing, JL Miller, M Scalora, ...
science 321 (5896), 1667-1670, 2008
The public policy theory primer
KB Smith, C Larimer
Routledge, 2018
Differences in negativity bias underlie variations in political ideology
JR Hibbing, KB Smith, JR Alford
Behavioral and brain sciences 37 (3), 297-307, 2014
Predisposed: Liberals, conservatives, and the biology of political differences
JR Hibbing, KB Smith, JR Alford
Routledge, 2013
Disgust sensitivity and the neurophysiology of left-right political orientations
KB Smith, D Oxley, MV Hibbing, JR Alford, JR Hibbing
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Typologies, taxonomies, and the benefits of policy classification
KB Smith
Policy studies journal 30 (3), 379-395, 2002
The political left rolls with the good and the political right confronts the bad: connecting physiology and cognition to preferences
MD Dodd, A Balzer, CM Jacobs, MW Gruszczynski, KB Smith, JR Hibbing
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
The case against school choice: Politics, markets and fools
KB Smith, KJ Meier
Routledge, 2016
The politics of punishment: Evaluating political explanations of incarceration rates
KB Smith
The Journal of Politics 66 (3), 925-938, 2004
Not by twins alone: Using the extended family design to investigate genetic influence on political beliefs
PK Hatemi, JR Hibbing, SE Medland, MC Keller, JR Alford, KB Smith, ...
American journal of political science 54 (3), 798-814, 2010
Linking genetics and political attitudes: Reconceptualizing political ideology
KB Smith, DR Oxley, MV Hibbing, JR Alford, JR Hibbing
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When all's fair: Signs of parity in media coverage of female candidates
KB Smith
Political Communication 14 (1), 71-82, 1997
Demographic, belief, and situational factors influencing the decision to utilize emergency medical services among chest pain patients
AL Brown, NC Mann, M Daya, R Goldberg, H Meischke, J Taylor, K Smith, ...
Circulation 102 (2), 173-178, 2000
Ideology justifies morality: Political beliefs predict moral foundations
PK Hatemi, C Crabtree, KB Smith
American Journal of Political Science 63 (4), 788-806, 2019
Intuitive ethics and political orientations: Testing moral foundations as a theory of political ideology
KB Smith, JR Alford, JR Hibbing, NG Martin, PK Hatemi
American Journal of Political Science 61 (2), 424-437, 2017
Nonpolitical images evoke neural predictors of political ideology
WY Ahn, KT Kishida, X Gu, T Lohrenz, A Harvey, JR Alford, KB Smith, ...
Current Biology 24 (22), 2693-2699, 2014
Reflective liberals and intuitive conservatives: A look at the Cognitive Reflection Test and ideology
KD Deppe, FJ Gonzalez, JL Neiman, C Jacobs, J Pahlke, KB Smith, ...
Judgment and Decision making 10 (4), 314-331, 2015
Genetic and environmental transmission of political orientations
CL Funk, KB Smith, JR Alford, MV Hibbing, NR Eaton, RF Krueger, ...
Political psychology 34 (6), 805-819, 2013
Do people really become more conservative as they age?
JC Peterson, KB Smith, JR Hibbing
The Journal of Politics 82 (2), 600-611, 2020
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