Jatis Kumar Dash
Jatis Kumar Dash
Currently at SRM University-AP, India, Previously at RPI,New York, USA and Yonsei Univ. S. Korea
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Transition-metal-based layered double hydroxides tailored for energy conversion and storage
R Patel, JT Park, M Patel, JK Dash, EB Gowd, R Karpoormath, A Mishra, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (1), 12-29, 2018
A Method Toward Fabricating Semiconducting 3R-NbS2 Ultrathin Films
JK Dash, L Chen, PH Dinolfo, TM Lu, GC Wang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (34), 19763-19771, 2015
Large Single Crystal SnS2 Flakes Synthesized from Coevaporation of Sn and S
YB Yang, JK Dash, AJ Littlejohn, Y Xiang, Y Wang, J Shi, LH Zhang, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (2), 961-973, 2016
Tuning the Phase and Optical Properties of Ultrathin SnSx Films
YB Yang, JK Dash, Y Xiang, Y Wang, J Shi, PH Dinolfo, TM Lu, GC Wang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (24), 13199-13214, 2016
Ile‐Lys‐Val‐ala‐Val (IKVAV) peptide for neuronal tissue engineering
R Patel, M Santhosh, JK Dash, R Karpoormath, A Jha, J Kwak, M Patel, ...
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 30 (1), 4-12, 2019
A simple growth method for Nb 2 O 5 films and their optical properties
JK Dash, L Chen, MR Topka, PH Dinolfo, LH Zhang, K Kisslinger, TM Lu, ...
RSC Advances 5 (45), 36129-36139, 2015
Temperature-dependent electron microscopy study of Au thin films on Si (1 0 0) with and without a native oxide layer as barrier at the interface
A Rath, JK Dash, RR Juluri, A Rosenauer, PV Satyam
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 44 (11), 115301, 2011
Direct observation of grain boundaries in chemical vapor deposited graphene
JY Lee, JH Lee, MJ Kim, JK Dash, CH Lee, R Joshi, S Lee, J Hone, ...
Carbon 115, 147-153, 2017
Optical band gap, local work function and field emission properties of MBE grown β-MoO3 nanoribbons
P Maiti, P Guha, R Singh, JK Dash, PV Satyam
Applied Surface Science 476, 691-700, 2019
Formation of aligned nanosilicide structures in a MBE-grown Au/Si (110) system: a real-time temperature-dependent TEM study
UM Bhatta, JK Dash, A Roy, A Rath, PV Satyam
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (20), 205403, 2009
van der Waals epitaxial growth of single crystal α-MoO3 layers on layered materials growth templates
JH Kim, JK Dash, J Kwon, C Hyun, H Kim, E Ji, GH Lee
2D Materials 6 (1), 015016, 2018
Growth of oriented Au nanostructures: Role of oxide at the interface
A Rath, JK Dash, RR Juluri, A Rosenauer, M Schoewalter, PV Satyam
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (6), 064322, 2012
Instrument response of reflection high energy electron diffraction pole figure
L Chen, J Dash, P Su, CF Lin, I Bhat, TM Lu, GC Wang
Applied surface science 288, 458-465, 2014
Oxide mediated liquid–solid growth of high aspect ratio aligned gold silicide nanowires on Si (110) substrates
UM Bhatta, A Rath, JK Dash, J Ghatak, L Yi-Feng, CP Liu, PV Satyam
Nanotechnology 20 (46), 465601, 2009
Thickness-Insensitive Properties of α-MoO3 Nanosheets by Weak Interlayer Coupling
JH Kim, C Hyun, H Kim, JK Dash, K Ihm, GH Lee
Nano letters 19 (12), 8868-8876, 2019
Metal-enhanced Ge 1− x Sn x alloy film growth on glass substrates using a biaxial CaF 2 buffer layer
JK Dash, L Chen, TM Lu, GC Wang, LH Zhang, K Kisslinger
CrystEngComm 16 (37), 8794-8804, 2014
A study of the initial stages of the growth of Au-assisted epitaxial Ge nanowires on a clean Ge (100) surface
A Rath, JK Dash, RR Juluri, A Ghosh, T Grieb, M Schowalter, FF Krause, ...
CrystEngComm 16 (12), 2486-2490, 2014
Structural phase transitions in Au thin films on Si (1 1 0): An in situ temperature dependent transmission electron microscopy study
UM Bhatta, JK Dash, A Rath, PV Satyam
Applied surface science 256 (2), 567-571, 2009
Growth of oriented crystalline Ag nanoislands on air-exposed Si (0 0 1) surfaces
A Roy, K Bhattacharjee, JK Dash, BN Dev
Applied surface science 256 (2), 361-364, 2009
Nano scale phase separation in Au-Ge system on ultra clean Si (100) surfaces
A Rath, JK Dash, RR Juluri, M Schowalter, K Mueller, A Rosenauer, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (10), 104319, 2012
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