Raphael Jakubovic
Raphael Jakubovic
Cleveland Clinic Florida
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Magnetic resonance imaging-based tumour perfusion parameters are biomarkers predicting response after radiation to brain metastases
R Jakubovic, A Sahgal, H Soliman, R Milwid, L Zhang, A Eilaghi, RI Aviv
Clinical oncology 26 (11), 704-712, 2014
Robust perfusion deficits in cognitively impaired patients with secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis
PL Francis, R Jakubovic, P O'connor, L Zhang, A Eilaghi, L Lee, TJ Carroll, ...
American Journal of Neuroradiology 34 (1), 62-67, 2013
CT perfusion spot sign improves sensitivity for prediction of outcome compared with CTA and postcontrast CT
A Koculym, TJ Huynh, R Jakubovic, L Zhang, RI Aviv
American Journal of Neuroradiology 34 (5), 965-970, 2013
High speed, high density intraoperative 3D optical topographical imaging with efficient registration to MRI and CT for craniospinal surgical navigation
R Jakubovic, D Guha, S Gupta, M Lu, J Jivraj, BA Standish, MK Leung, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 14894, 2018
Low dose CT perfusion in acute ischemic stroke
A Murphy, A So, TY Lee, S Symons, R Jakubovic, L Zhang, RI Aviv
Neuroradiology 56, 1055-1062, 2014
Spinal intraoperative three-dimensional navigation: correlation between clinical and absolute engineering accuracy
D Guha, R Jakubovic, S Gupta, NM Alotaibi, D Cadotte, LB da Costa, ...
The Spine Journal 17 (4), 489-498, 2017
The predictive capacity of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in response assessment of brain metastases following radiation
R Jakubovic, S Zhou, C Heyn, H Soliman, L Zhang, R Aviv, A Sahgal
Clinical & experimental metastasis 33, 277-284, 2016
Intraoperative error propagation in 3-dimensional spinal navigation from nonsegmental registration: a prospective cadaveric and clinical study
D Guha, R Jakubovic, S Gupta, MG Fehlings, TG Mainprize, A Yee, ...
Global Spine Journal 9 (5), 512-520, 2019
Non tumor perfusion changes following stereotactic radiosurgery to brain metastases
R Jakubovic, A Sahgal, M Ruschin, A Pejović-Milić, R Milwid, RI Aviv
Technology in cancer research & treatment 14 (4), 497-503, 2015
Intracerebral hemorrhage: toward physiological imaging of hemorrhage risk in acute and chronic bleeding
R Jakubovic, RI Aviv
Frontiers in neurology 3, 86, 2012
High speed, wide velocity dynamic range Doppler optical coherence tomography (Part V): Optimal utilization of multi-beam scanning for Doppler and speckle variance microvascular …
C Chen, KHY Cheng, R Jakubovic, J Jivraj, J Ramjist, R Deorajh, W Gao, ...
Optics Express 25 (7), 7761-7777, 2017
Toward patient-tailored perfusion thresholds for prediction of stroke outcome
A Eilaghi, CD d'Esterre, TY Lee, R Jakubovic, J Brooks, RTK Liu, L Zhang, ...
American Journal of Neuroradiology 35 (3), 472-477, 2014
High-frequency micro-ultrasound imaging and optical topographic imaging for spinal surgery: initial experiences
R Jakubovic, J Ramjist, S Gupta, D Guha, A Sahgal, FS Foster, VXD Yang
Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 44 (11), 2379-2387, 2018
Traumatic anterior cerebral artery aneurysms and management options in the endovascular era
A Kumar, R Jakubovic, V Yang, L Dacosta
Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 25, 90-95, 2016
Extensive white matter dysfunction in cognitively impaired patients with secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis
PL Francis, TL Chia, R Jakubovic, P O'Connor, L Lee, A Feinstein, RI Aviv
American Journal of Neuroradiology 35 (10), 1910-1915, 2014
Surgical resection with radiation treatment planning of spinal tumors
R Jakubovic, M Ruschin, CL Tseng, A Pejović-Milić, A Sahgal, VXD Yang
Neurosurgery 84 (6), 1242-1250, 2019
Hypoxia detection in infiltrative astrocytoma: ferumoxytol-based quantitative BOLD MRI with intraoperative and histologic validation
PJ Maralani, S Das, T Mainprize, N Phan, A Bharatha, J Keith, DG Munoz, ...
Radiology 288 (3), 821-829, 2018
Aluminium and strontium in calcium supplements and antacids: a concern to haemodialysis patients?
E Da Silva, R Jakubovic, A Pejović-Milić, DV Heyd
Food Additives and Contaminants 27 (10), 1405-1414, 2010
Optical topographic imaging for spinal intraoperative three-dimensional navigation in mini-open approaches: a prospective cohort study of initial preclinical and clinical …
D Guha, R Jakubovic, NM Alotaibi, JM Klostranec, S Saini, R Deorajh, ...
World neurosurgery 125, e863-e872, 2019
Preliminary development of augmented reality systems for spinal surgery
NQ Nguyen, JM Ramjist, J Jivraj, R Jakubovic, R Deorajh, VXD Yang
Clinical and Translational Neurophotonics 10050, 55-59, 2017
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