George S Stoyanov
George S Stoyanov
Други именаGeorgi Stoyanov, George St. Stoyanov, Георги Стоянов
Depatment of Pathology, Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment, Shumen, Bulgaria
Потвърден имейл адрес: mu-varna.bg
Cell biology of glioblastoma multiforme: from basic science to diagnosis and treatment
GS Stoyanov, D Dzhenkov, P Ghenev, B Iliev, Y Enchev, AB Tonchev
Medical Oncology 35, 1-10, 2018
On the concepts and history of Glioblastoma Multi-forme-morphology, genetics and epigenetics
GS Stoyanov, DL Dzehen-kov
Folia Medica 2018 (60), 1, 2017
Demographics of Head and Neck Cancer Patients: A Single Institution Experience
GS Stoyanov, M Kitanova, DL Dzhenkov, P Ghenev, N Sapundzhiev
Cureus 9 (7), e1418, 2017
Drainage after Modified Radical Mastectomy–A Methodological Mini-Review
GS Stoyanov, D Tsocheva, K Marinova, E Dobrev, R Nenkov
Cureus 9 (7), e1454, 2017
Reclassification of glioblastoma multiforme according to the 2021 World Health Organization classification of central nervous system tumors: a single institution report and …
GS Stoyanov, E Lyutfi, R Georgieva, R Georgiev, DL Dzhenkov, L Petkova, ...
Cureus 14 (2), 2022
Correlation Between Ki-67 Index, World Health Organization Grade and Patient Survival in Glial Tumors With Astrocytic Differentiation
GS Stoyanov, DL Dzhenkov, M Kitanova, IS Donev, P Ghenev
Cureus 9 (6), e1396, 2017
The histological basis of Frank’s sign
GS Stoyanov, D Dzhenkov, L Petkova, N Sapundzhiev, S Georgiev
Head and neck pathology 15, 402-407, 2021
Manifestations of Renal Impairment in Fructose-induced Metabolic Syndrome
K Bratoeva, GS Stoyanov, A Merdzhanova, M Radanova
Cureus 9 (11), e1826, 2017
In vitro and ex vivo studies on diltiazem hydrochloride-loaded microsponges in rectal gels for chronic anal fissures treatment
NA Ivanova, A Trapani, C Di Franco, D Mandracchia, G Trapani, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 557, 53-65, 2019
Gross and Histopathology of COVID-19 With First Histology Report of Olfactory Bulb Changes
GS Stoyanov, L Petkova, DL Dzhenkov, NR Sapundzhiev, I Todorov
Cureus 12 (12), e11912, 2020
Association between serum CK-18 levels and the degree of liver damage in fructose-induced metabolic syndrome
K Bratoeva, S Nikolova, A Merdzhanova, GS Stoyanov, E Dimitrova, ...
Metabolic syndrome and related disorders 16 (7), 350-357, 2018
The human vomeronasal (Jacobson’s) organ: a short review of current conceptions, with an English translation of Potiquet’s original text
GS Stoyanov, BK Matev, P Valchanov, N Sapundzhiev, JR Young
Cureus 10 (5), 2018
Demographics and Incidence of Histologically Confirmed Intracranial Tumors: A Five-year, Two-center Prospective Study
GS Stoyanov, DL Dzhenkov, M Kitanova, P Ghenev, AB Tonchev
Cureus 9 (7), e1476, 2017
The vomeronasal organ–incidence in a Bulgarian population
G Stoyanov, K Moneva, N Sapundzhiev, AB Tonchev
The Journal of Laryngology & Otology 130 (4), 344-347, 2016
Corona mortis, aberrant obturator vessels, accessory obturator vessels: clinical applications in gynaecology
S Kostov, S Slavchev, D Dzhenkov, G Stoyanov, N Dimitrov, AD Yordanov
Folia Morphologica 80 (4), 776-785, 2021
Losing One’s Voice to Save One’s Life: A Brief History of Laryngectomy
B Matev, A Asenov, GS Stoyanov, LT Nikiforova, NR Sapundzhiev
Cureus 12 (6), e8804, 2020
Temporal patterns of COVID-19-associated pulmonary pathology: an autopsy study
GS Stoyanov, N Yanulova, L Stoev, N Zgurova, V Mihaylova, ...
Cureus 13 (12), 2021
Long Non-Coding RNAs as New Biomarkers in Lupus Nephritis: A Connection Between Present and Future
G Mihaylova, V Vasilev, MB Kosturkova, GS Stoyanov, M Radanova
Cureus 12 (7), e9003, 2020
New circulating circular RNAs with diagnostic and prognostic potential in advanced colorectal cancer
M Radanova, G Mihaylova, O Tasinov, DP Ivanova, GS Stoyanov, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (24), 13283, 2021
The vomeronasal organ: History, development, morphology, and functional neuroanatomy
GS Stoyanov, NR Sapundzhiev, AB Tonchev
Handbook of Clinical Neurology 182, 283-291, 2021
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