Ulrich Scheler
Ulrich Scheler
Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.
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Effective charge of bovine serum albumin determined by electrophoresis NMR
U Böhme, U Scheler
Chemical Physics Letters 435 (4-6), 342-345, 2007
Modification of perfluorinated polymers by high-energy irradiation
K Lunkwitz, U Lappan, U Scheler
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 125 (6), 863-873, 2004
One-step synthesis of organic LDH and its comparison with regeneration and anion exchange method
DY Wang, FR Costa, A Vyalikh, A Leuteritz, U Scheler, D Jehnichen, ...
Chemistry of Materials 21 (19), 4490-4497, 2009
A High‐Voltage, Dendrite‐Free, and Durable Zn–Graphite Battery
G Wang, B Kohn, U Scheler, F Wang, S Oswald, M Löffler, D Tan, P Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (4), 1905681, 2020
Importance of hydrodynamic shielding for the dynamic behavior of short polyelectrolyte chains
K Grass, U Böhme, U Scheler, H Cottet, C Holm
Physical review letters 100 (9), 096104, 2008
Branching and cross-linking in radiation-modified poly (tetrafluoroethylene): a solid-state NMR investigation
B Fuchs, U Scheler
Macromolecules 33 (1), 120-124, 2000
Formation of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubes from molecular precursors and curved nanoscale intermediates
GI Yucelen, RP Choudhury, A Vyalikh, U Scheler, HW Beckham, S Nair
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (14), 5397-5412, 2011
Structural characterisation of aluminium layered double hydroxides by 27Al solid-state NMR
A Vyalikh, D Massiot, U Scheler
Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance 36 (1), 19-23, 2009
Investigation of structural transition of regenerated silk fibroin aqueous solution by Rheo-NMR spectroscopy
K Ohgo, F Bagusat, T Asakura, U Scheler
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (12), 4182-4186, 2008
Semicrystallinity and polymorphism in PVDF: A solid-state 19F nmr investigation
P Holstein, U Scheler, RK Harris
Polymer 39 (20), 4937-4941, 1998
Number-average molecular weight of radiation-degraded poly (tetrafluoroethylene). An end group analysis based on solid-state NMR and IR spectroscopy
U Lappan, B Fuchs, U Geißler, U Scheler, K Lunkwitz
Polymer 43 (16), 4325-4330, 2002
MRI and dental implantology: two which do not exclude each other
P Korn, C Elschner, MC Schulz, U Range, R Mai, U Scheler
Biomaterials 53, 634-645, 2015
Scaling behaviour of PAMAM dendrimers determined by diffusion NMR
B Fritzinger, U Scheler
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 206 (13), 1288-1291, 2005
Characterization of chitosan with different degree of deacetylation and equal viscosity in dissolved and solid state–Insights by various complimentary methods
J Weißpflog, D Vehlow, M Müller, B Kohn, U Scheler, S Boye, S Schwarz
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 171, 242-261, 2021
Synthesis and structure of Ba2InO3X (X= F, Cl, Br) and Ba2ScO3F; oxide/halide ordering in K2NiF4-type structures
RL Needs, MT Weller, U Scheler, RK Harris
Journal of Materials Chemistry 6 (7), 1219-1224, 1996
Fluorine patterning in room-temperature fluorinated graphite determined by solid-state NMR and DFT
A Vyalikh, LG Bulusheva, GN Chekhova, DV Pinakov, AV Okotrub, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (15), 7940-7948, 2013
Hydrogen bonds and local symmetry in the crystal structure of gibbsite
A Vyalikh, K Zesewitz, U Scheler
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 48 (11), 877-881, 2010
Counterion condensation and effective charge of poly (styrenesulfonate)
U Böhme, U Scheler
Advances in colloid and interface science 158 (1-2), 63-67, 2010
From Layered Double Hydroxides to Layered Double Hydroxide-Based Nanocomposites A Solid-State NMR Study
A Vyalikh, FR Costa, U Wagenknecht, G Heinrich, D Massiot, U Scheler
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (51), 21308-21313, 2009
Viscoelastic and self-healing behavior of silica filled ionically modified poly (isobutylene-co-isoprene) rubber
A Sallat, A Das, J Schaber, U Scheler, ES Bhagavatheswaran, ...
RSC Advances 8 (47), 26793-26803, 2018
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