Robert Schabetsberger
Robert Schabetsberger
Department of Biosciences
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Prey selectivity and diel feeding chronology of juvenile chinook (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and coho (O. kisutch) salmon in the Columbia River plume
R Schabetsberger, CA Morgan, RD Brodeur, CL Potts, WT Peterson, ...
Fisheries Oceanography 12 (6), 523-540, 2003
Delineation of terrestrial reserves for amphibians: post-breeding migrations of Italian crested newts (Triturus c. carnifex) at high altitude
R Schabetsberger, R Jehle, A Maletzky, J Pesta, M Sztatecsny
Biological Conservation 117 (1), 95-104, 2004
Diel vertical migration and interaction of zooplankton and juvenile walleye pollock (Theragra chalcogramma) at a frontal region near the Pribilof Islands, Bering Sea
R Schabetsberger, RD Brodeur, L Ciannelli, JM Napp, GL Swartzman
ICES Journal of Marine Science 57 (4), 1283-1295, 2000
Into thin air: vertical migration, body condition, and quality of terrestrial habitats of alpine common toads, Bufo bufo
M Sztatecsny, R Schabetsberger
Canadian Journal of Zoology 83 (6), 788-796, 2005
Short-and long-term advantages of an alternative ontogenetic pathway
M Denoël, F Hervant, R Schabetsberger, P Joly
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 77 (1), 105-112, 2002
Distribution and ecology of copepods in mountainous regions of the Eastern Alps
CD Jersabek, A Brancelj, F Stoch, R Schabetsberger
Hydrobiologia 453 (1), 309-324, 2001
Columbia River plume fronts. II. Distribution, abundance, and feeding ecology of juvenile salmon
A De Robertis, CA Morgan, RA Schabetsberger, RW Zabel, RD Brodeur, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 299, 33-44, 2005
Oceanic migration behaviour of tropical Pacific eels from Vanuatu
R Schabetsberger, F Økland, K Aarestrup, D Kalfatak, U Sichrowsky, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 475, 177-190, 2013
Interannual and interdecadal variability in juvenile coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) diets in relation to environmental changes in the northern California Current
RD Brodeur, EA Daly, RA Schabetsberger, KL Mier
Fisheries Oceanography 16 (5), 395-408, 2007
Variation in groundfish predation on juvenile walleye pollock relative to hydrographic structure near the Pribilof Islands, Alaska
GM Lang, RD Brodeur, JM Napp, R Schabetsberger
ICES Journal of Marine Science 57 (2), 265-271, 2000
Only the small survive: monitoring long-term changes in the zooplankton community of an Alpine lake after fish introduction
R Schabetsberger, MS Luger, G Drozdowski, A Jagsch
Biological Invasions 11 (6), 1335-1345, 2009
Losing the Bounty? Investigating Species Richness in Isolated Freshwater Ecosystems of Oceania1
R Schabetsberger, G Drozdowski, E Rott, R Lenzenweger, CD Jersabek, ...
Pacific Science 63 (2), 153-179, 2009
Resource partitioning in two heterochronic populations of Greek Alpine newts, Triturus alpestris veluchiensis
M Denoël, R Schabetsberger
Acta Oecologica 24 (1), 55-64, 2003
Age structure and survival rate in alpine newts (Triturus alpestris) at high altitude
R Schabetsberger, A Goldschmid
Alytes 12 (1), 41-47, 1993
Stable species boundaries despite ten million years of hybridization in tropical eels
JMI Barth, C Gubili, M Matschiner, OK Tørresen, S Watanabe, B Egger, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-13, 2020
Alpine newts (Triturus alpestris) as top predators in a high‐altitude karst lake: daily food consumption and impact on the copepod Arctodiaptomus alpinus
R Schabetsberger, CD Jersabek
Freshwater Biology 33 (1), 47-61, 1995
Hydrographic features of anguillid spawning areas: potential signposts for migrating eels
R Schabetsberger, MJ Miller, GD Olmo, R Kaiser, F Økland, S Watanabe, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 554, 141-155, 2016
Skeletochronology of phalanges underestimates the true age of long-lived Alpine newts (Ichthyosaura alpestris)
A Wagner, R Schabetsberger, M Sztatecsny, R Kaiser
The Herpetological Journal 21 (2), 145-148, 2011
Trophic specialisations in alternative heterochronic morphs
M Denoël, R Schabetsberger, P Joly
Naturwissenschaften 91 (2), 81-84, 2004
Genetic and migratory evidence for sympatric spawning of tropical Pacific eels from Vanuatu
R Schabetsberger, F Økland, D Kalfatak, U Sichrowsky, M Tambets, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 521, 171-187, 2015
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