Lidya Tarhan
Lidya Tarhan
Assistant Professor, Yale University
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The rise of animals in a changing environment: global ecological innovation in the late Ediacaran
ML Droser, LG Tarhan, JG Gehling
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 45, 593-617, 2017
Exceptional preservation of soft-bodied Ediacara Biota promoted by silica-rich oceans
LG Tarhan, AVS Hood, ML Droser, JG Gehling, DEG Briggs
Geology 44 (11), 951-954, 2016
Protracted development of bioturbation through the early Palaeozoic Era
LG Tarhan, ML Droser, NJ Planavsky, DT Johnston
Nature Geoscience 8 (11), 865-869, 2015
Marine redox fluctuation as a potential trigger for the Cambrian explosion
GY Wei, NJ Planavsky, LG Tarhan, X Chen, W Wei, D Li, HF Ling
Geology 46 (7), 587-590, 2018
Ediacaran marine redox heterogeneity and early animal ecosystems
C Li, NJ Planavsky, W Shi, Z Zhang, C Zhou, M Cheng, LG Tarhan, G Luo, ...
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 17097, 2015
Taphonomy and morphology of the Ediacara form genus Aspidella
LG Tarhan, ML Droser, JG Gehling, MP Dzaugis
Precambrian Research 257, 124-136, 2015
Taphonomic controls on Ediacaran diversity: uncovering the holdfast origin of morphologically variable enigmatic structures
LG Tarhan, ML Droser, JG Gehling
Palaios 25 (12), 823-830, 2010
Microbial mat sandwiches and other anactualistic sedimentary features of the Ediacara Member (Rawnsley Quartzite, South Australia): implications for interpretation of the …
LG Tarhan, ML Droser, JG Gehling, MP Dzaugis
Palaios 32 (3), 181-194, 2017
Precambrian–Cambrian boundary interval occurrence and form of the enigmatic tubular body fossil Shaanxilithes ningqiangensis from the Lesser Himalaya of India
LG Tarhan, NC Hughes, PM Myrow, ON Bhargava, AD Ahluwalia, ...
Palaeontology 57 (2), 283-298, 2014
The early Paleozoic development of bioturbation—evolutionary and geobiological consequences
LG Tarhan
Earth-Science Reviews 178, 177-207, 2018
The 'Tully monster' is a vertebrate
VE McCoy, EE Saupe, JC Lamsdell, LG Tarhan, S McMahon, S Lidgard, ...
Nature, 2016
Microbial mat controls on infaunal abundance and diversity in modern marine microbialites
LG Tarhan, NJ Planavsky, CE Laumer, JF Stolz, RP Reid
Geobiology 11 (5), 485-497, 2013
Widespread delayed mixing in early to middle Cambrian marine shelfal settings
LG Tarhan, ML Droser
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 399, 310-322, 2014
Piecing together the puzzle of the Ediacara Biota: excavation and reconstruction at the Ediacara National Heritage site Nilpena (South Australia)
ML Droser, JG Gehling, LG Tarhan, SD Evans, CMS Hall, IV Hughes, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 513, 132-145, 2019
Ecological expansion and extinction in the late Ediacaran: weighing the evidence for environmental and biotic drivers
LG Tarhan, ML Droser, DB Cole, JG Gehling
Integrative and Comparative Biology 58 (4), 688-702, 2018
Depositional and preservational environments of the Ediacara Member, Rawnsley Quartzite (South Australia): Assessment of paleoenvironmental proxies and the timing of …
LG Tarhan, ML Droser, JG Gehling
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 434, 4-13, 2015
Late Proterozoic transitions in climate, oxygen, and tectonics, and the rise of complex life
NJ Planavsky, LG Tarhan, EJ Bellefroid, DAD Evans, CT Reinhard, ...
Earth-life transitions: paleobiology in the context of earth system …, 2015
Highly dynamic marine redox state through the Cambrian explosion highlighted by authigenic δ238U records
GY Wei, NJ Planavsky, LG Tarhan, T He, D Wang, GA Shields, W Wei, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 544, 116361, 2020
The role of calcium in regulating marine phosphorus burial and atmospheric oxygenation
M Zhao, S Zhang, LG Tarhan, CT Reinhard, N Planavsky
Nature Communications 11 (1), 2232, 2020
Furrows and firmgrounds: evidence for predation and implications for Palaeozoic substrate evolution in Rusophycus burrows from the Silurian of New York
LG Tarhan, S Jensen, ML Droser
Lethaia 45 (3), 329-341, 2012
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