Paul Midgley
Paul Midgley
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3D electron microscopy in the physical sciences: the development of Z-contrast and EFTEM tomography
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Electron tomography and holography in materials science
PA Midgley, RE Dunin-Borkowski
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R Vincent, PA Midgley
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C Martinez-Boubeta, K Simeonidis, A Makridis, M Angelakeris, O Iglesias, ...
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D Gamarra, G Munuera, AB Hungría, M Fernández-García, JC Conesa, ...
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Encapsulation for long-term stability enhancement of perovskite solar cells
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Nature 580 (7803), 360-366, 2020
Z-Contrast tomography: a technique in three-dimensional nanostructural analysis based on Rutherford scatteringElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: 3D …
PA Midgley, M Weyland, JM Thomas, BFG Johnson
Chemical communications, 907-908, 2001
Structural and morphological characterization of cerium oxide nanocrystals prepared by hydrothermal synthesis
K Kaneko, K Inoke, B Freitag, AB Hungria, PA Midgley, TW Hansen, ...
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Compressed sensing electron tomography
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Toxicity and imaging of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in human macrophage cells
C Cheng, KH Müller, KKK Koziol, JN Skepper, PA Midgley, ME Welland, ...
Biomaterials 30 (25), 4152-4160, 2009
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