Julie Anne Fitzpatrick
Julie Anne Fitzpatrick
Diagnostic Radiographer
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Patterns of brain injury in neonates exposed to perinatal sentinel events
A Okereafor, J Allsop, SJ Counsell, J Fitzpatrick, D Azzopardi, ...
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Increased colonic propionate reduces anticipatory reward responses in the human striatum to high-energy foods
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Liver Fat Content and T2*: Simultaneous Measurement by Using Breath-hold Multiecho MR Imaging at 3.0 T—Feasibility1
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The impact of oligofructose on stimulation of gut hormones, appetite regulation and adiposity
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Estimation of abdominal fat compartments by bioelectrical impedance: the validity of the ViScan measurement system in comparison with MRI
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Validation of a fast method for quantification of intra‐abdominal and subcutaneous adipose tissue for large‐scale human studies
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Fat distribution in men of different waist girth, fitness level and exercise habit
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Hepatic lipid profiling in chronic hepatitis C: an in vitro and in vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
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Rifaximin in non‐alcoholic steatohepatitis: An open‐label pilot study
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Modulation of neural activation following treatment of hepatic encephalopathy
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Pioglitazone added to conventional lipid-lowering treatment in familial combined hyperlipidaemia improves parameters of metabolic control: relation to liver, muscle and …
EL Thomas, E Potter, I Tosi, J Fitzpatrick, G Hamilton, V Amber, R Hughes, ...
Atherosclerosis 195 (1), e181-e190, 2007
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