Olaf Booy
Olaf Booy
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Crossing frontiers in tackling pathways of biological invasions
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The contribution of volunteer recorders to our understanding of biological invasions
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GB Non-native Species Information Portal: documenting the arrival of non-native species in Britain
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J Peyton, AF Martinou, OL Pescott, M Demetriou, T Adriaens, ...
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Using structured eradication feasibility assessment to prioritize the management of new and emerging invasive alien species in Europe
O Booy, PA Robertson, N Moore, J Ward, HE Roy, T Adriaens, R Shaw, ...
Global Change Biology 26 (11), 6235-6250, 2020
Guiding principles for utilizing social influence within expert‐elicitation to inform conservation decision‐making
HE Roy, JM Peyton, O Booy
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Impact of biological invasions on infrastructure
O Booy, L Cornwell, D Parrott, M Sutton-Croft, F Williams
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Field guide to invasive plants and animals in Britain
O Booy, M Wade, H Roy
Bloomsbury Natural History, 2015
Horizon scan of invasive alien species for the island of Ireland
FE Lucy, E Davis, R Anderson, O Booy, K Bradley, JR Britton, C Byrne, ...
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Crossing frontiers in tackling pathways of biological invasions. BioScience65: 769-782
F Essl, S Bacher, TM Blackburn, O Booy, G Brundu, S Brunel, AC Cardoso, ...
Invasive species management for infrastructure managers and the construction industry
O Booy, PM Wade, V White
CIRIA, 2008
80 questions for UK biological security
L Kemp, DC Aldridge, O Booy, H Bower, D Browne, M Burgmann, A Burt, ...
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Invasive species removals and scale–contrasting island and mainland experience
PA Robertson, S Roy, AC Mill, M Shirley, T Adriaens, AI Ward, V Tatayah, ...
Island invasives: scaling up to meet the challenge.: Proceedings of the …, 2019
Progress toward pathways prioritization in compliance to Aichi Target 9
R Scalera, P Genovesi, O Booy, F Essl, J Jeschke, P Hulme, M McGeoch, ...
Convention on Biological Diversity, subsidiary body on scientific technical …, 2016
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