Walter Lambrecht
Walter Lambrecht
Perkins Professor of Physics, Case Western Reserve University
Потвърден имейл адрес: case.edu - Начална страница
Quasiparticle band structure calculation of monolayer, bilayer, and bulk MoS 2
T Cheiwchanchamnangij, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 85 (20), 205302, 2012
Elastic constants and related properties of tetrahedrally bonded BN, AlN, GaN, and InN
K Kim, WRL Lambrecht, B Segall
Physical Review B 53 (24), 16310, 1996
Minimal basis sets in the linear muffin-tin orbital method: Application to the diamond-structure crystals C, Si, and Ge
WRL Lambrecht, OK Andersen
Physical Review B 34 (4), 2439, 1986
Electronic band structure, phonons, and exciton binding energies of halide perovskites CsSnCl 3, CsSnBr 3, and CsSnI 3
L Huang, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 88 (16), 165203, 2013
Efficient ab initio method for the calculation of frequency-dependent second-order optical response in semiconductors
SN Rashkeev, WRL Lambrecht, B Segall
Physical Review B 57 (7), 3905, 1998
Electronic structure of rare-earth nitrides using the approach: Importance of allowing orbitals to break the cubic crystal symmetry
P Larson, WRL Lambrecht, A Chantis, M Van Schilfgaarde
Physical Review B 75 (4), 045114, 2007
Calculated elastic constants and deformation potentials of cubic SiC
WRL Lambrecht, B Segall, M Methfessel, M Van Schilfgaarde
Physical Review B 44 (8), 3685, 1991
Valence-band ordering and magneto-optic exciton fine structure in ZnO
WRL Lambrecht, AV Rodina, S Limpijumnong, B Segall, BK Meyer
Physical Review B 65 (7), 075207, 2002
Effective masses and valence-band splittings in GaN and AlN
K Kim, WRL Lambrecht, B Segall, M Van Schilfgaarde
Physical Review B 56 (12), 7363, 1997
Diamond nucleation by hydrogenation of the edges of graphitic precursors
WRL Lambrecht, CH Lee, B Segall, JC Angus, Z Li, M Sunkara
Nature 364 (6438), 607-610, 1993
Second-harmonic generation of I-III-VI 2 chalcopyrite semiconductors: Effects of chemical substitutions
SN Rashkeev, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 63 (16), 165212, 2001
Valence‐band discontinuity between GaN and AlN measured by x‐ray photoemission spectroscopy
G Martin, S Strite, A Botchkarev, A Agarwal, A Rockett, H Morkoc, ...
Applied physics letters 65 (5), 610-612, 1994
Electronic and crystal structure of : Full-potential electronic structure calculations
P Lukashev, WRL Lambrecht, T Kotani, M Van Schilfgaarde
Physical Review B 76 (19), 195202, 2007
Electronic structure of GaN with strain and phonon distortions
K Kim, WRL Lambrecht, B Segall
Physical Review B 50 (3), 1502, 1994
High field electron transport properties of bulk ZnO
JD Albrecht, PP Ruden, S Limpijumnong, WRL Lambrecht, KF Brennan
Journal of Applied Physics 86 (12), 6864-6867, 1999
Electronic band structure of SiC polytypes: a discussion of theory and experiment
WRL Lambrecht, S Limpijumnong, SN Rashkeev, B Segall
physica status solidi (b) 202 (1), 5-33, 1997
Theoretical study of the relative stability of wurtzite and rocksalt phases in MgO and GaN
S Limpijumnong, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 63 (10), 104103, 2001
Electronic structure and optical spectra of the semimetal ScAs and of the indirect-band-gap semiconductors ScN and GdN
WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 62 (20), 13538, 2000
Stacking fault band structure in 4H–SiC and its impact on electronic devices
MS Miao, S Limpijumnong, WRL Lambrecht
Applied Physics Letters 79 (26), 4360-4362, 2001
First-principles calculation of the O vacancy in ZnO: A self-consistent gap-corrected approach
TR Paudel, WRL Lambrecht
Physical Review B 77 (20), 205202, 2008
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