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Koen Hufkens
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Digital repeat photography for phenological research in forest ecosystems
O Sonnentag, K Hufkens, C Teshera-Sterne, AM Young, M Friedl, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 152, 159-177, 2012
Above-ground biomass and structure of 260 African tropical forests
SL Lewis, B Sonké, T Sunderland, SK Begne, G Lopez-Gonzalez, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 368 …, 2013
Tracking vegetation phenology across diverse North American biomes using PhenoCam imagery
AD Richardson, K Hufkens, T Milliman, DM Aubrecht, M Chen, JM Gray, ...
Scientific data 5 (1), 1-24, 2018
Evaluating remote sensing of deciduous forest phenology at multiple spatial scales using PhenoCam imagery
ST Klosterman, K Hufkens, JM Gray, E Melaas, O Sonnentag, I Lavine, ...
Biogeosciences 11 (16), 4305-4320, 2014
Linking near-surface and satellite remote sensing measurements of deciduous broadleaf forest phenology
K Hufkens, M Friedl, O Sonnentag, BH Braswell, T Milliman, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 117, 307-321, 2012
Ecosystem warming extends vegetation activity but heightens vulnerability to cold temperatures
AD Richardson, K Hufkens, T Milliman, DM Aubrecht, ME Furze, ...
Nature 560 (7718), 368-371, 2018
Terrestrial biosphere model performance for inter‐annual variability of land‐atmosphere CO2 exchange
TF Keenan, I Baker, A Barr, P Ciais, K Davis, M Dietze, D Dragoni, ...
Global Change Biology 18 (6), 1971-1987, 2012
Ecological impacts of a widespread frost event following early spring leaf‐out
K Hufkens, MA Friedl, TF Keenan, O Sonnentag, A Bailey, J O'Keefe, ...
Global Change Biology 18 (7), 2365-2377, 2012
Tracking forest phenology and seasonal physiology using digital repeat photography: a critical assessment
TF Keenan, B Darby, E Felts, O Sonnentag, MA Friedl, K Hufkens, ...
Ecological applications 24 (6), 1478-1489, 2014
Productivity of North American grasslands is increased under future climate scenarios despite rising aridity
K Hufkens, TF Keenan, LB Flanagan, RL Scott, CJ Bernacchi, E Joo, ...
Nature Climate Change 6 (7), 710-714, 2016
Using data from Landsat, MODIS, VIIRS and PhenoCams to monitor the phenology of California oak/grass savanna and open grassland across spatial scales
Y Liu, MJ Hill, X Zhang, Z Wang, AD Richardson, K Hufkens, G Filippa, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237, 311-325, 2017
Greenness indices from digital cameras predict the timing and seasonal dynamics of canopy‐scale photosynthesis
M Toomey, MA Friedl, S Frolking, K Hufkens, S Klosterman, O Sonnentag, ...
Ecological Applications 25 (1), 99-115, 2015
Satellite-observed pantropical carbon dynamics
L Fan, JP Wigneron, P Ciais, J Chave, M Brandt, R Fensholt, SS Saatchi, ...
Nature plants 5 (9), 944-951, 2019
An integrated phenology modelling framework in r
K Hufkens, D Basler, T Milliman, EK Melaas, AD Richardson
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9 (5), 1276-1285, 2018
Intercomparison of phenological transition dates derived from the PhenoCam Dataset V1. 0 and MODIS satellite remote sensing
AD Richardson, K Hufkens, T Milliman, S Frolking
Scientific reports 8 (1), 5679, 2018
Tracking vegetation phenology across diverse biomes using Version 2.0 of the PhenoCam Dataset
B Seyednasrollah, AM Young, K Hufkens, T Milliman, MA Friedl, ...
Scientific data 6 (1), 222, 2019
Conventional tree height–diameter relationships significantly overestimate aboveground carbon stocks in the Central Congo Basin
E Kearsley, T De Haulleville, K Hufkens, A Kidimbu, B Toirambe, G Baert, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 2269, 2013
Ecotones in vegetation ecology: methodologies and definitions revisited
K Hufkens, P Scheunders, R Ceulemans
Ecological research 24, 977-986, 2009
Monitoring crop phenology using a smartphone based near-surface remote sensing approach
K Hufkens, EK Melaas, ML Mann, T Foster, F Ceballos, M Robles, ...
Agricultural and forest meteorology 265, 327-337, 2019
NDVI derived from near-infrared-enabled digital cameras: Applicability across different plant functional types
G Filippa, E Cremonese, M Migliavacca, M Galvagno, O Sonnentag, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 249, 275-285, 2018
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