Adauto Cardoso
Adauto Cardoso
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The repetitive DNA element BncDNA, enriched in the B chromosome of the cichlid fish Astatotilapia latifasciata, transcribes a potentially noncoding RNA
É Ramos, AL Cardoso, J Brown, DF Marques, BEA Fantinatti, ...
Chromosoma 126, 313-323, 2017
B chromosomes of multiple species have intense evolutionary dynamics and accumulated genes related to important biological processes
SF Ahmad, M Jehangir, AL Cardoso, IR Wolf, VP Margarido, ...
BMC genomics 21, 1-25, 2020
Chromosomal characterization of two species of genus Steatogenys (Gymnotiformes: Rhamphichthyoidea: Steatogenini) from the Amazon basin: sex …
AL Cardoso, JC Pieczarka, E Feldberg, SSR Milhomem, ...
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 21, 613-621, 2011
Comparative cytogenetics of two species of genus Scobinancistrus (Siluriformes, Loricariidae, Ancistrini) from the Xingu River, Brazil
AL Cardoso, KAH Sales, CY Nagamachi, JC Pieczarka, RCR Noronha
Comparative cytogenetics 7 (1), 43, 2013
Karyotypic Evolution and Chromosomal Organization of Repetitive DNA Sequences in Species of Panaque, Panaqolus, and Scobinancistrus (Siluriformes and …
T Ayres-Alves, AL Cardoso, CY Nagamachi, LM Sousa, JC Pieczarka, ...
Zebrafish 14 (3), 251-260, 2017
Chromosomal and electric signal diversity in three sympatric electric knifefish species (Gymnotus, Gymnotidae) from the Central Amazon Floodplain
SSR Milhomem, WGR Crampton, JC Pieczarka, D dos Santos Silva, ...
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 22, 485-497, 2012
De novo genome assembly of the cichlid fish Astatotilapia latifasciata reveals a higher level of genomic polymorphism and genes related to B chromosomes
M Jehangir, SF Ahmad, AL Cardoso, E Ramos, GT Valente, C Martins
Chromosoma 128, 81-96, 2019
The hnRNP Q-like gene is retroinserted into the B chromosomes of the cichlid fish Astatotilapia latifasciata
BO Carmello, RLB Coan, AL Cardoso, E Ramos, BEA Fantinatti, ...
Chromosome Research 25, 277-290, 2017
In Situ Localization of Ribosomal Sites in Peckoltia and Ancistomus (Loricariidae: Hypostominae) from the Amazon Basin
AM Pety, AL Cardoso, CY Nagamachi, JC Pieczarka, LM de Sousa, ...
Zebrafish 15 (3), 263-269, 2018
X1X1X2X2/X1X2Y sex chromosome systems in the Neotropical Gymnotiformes electric fish of the genus Brachyhypopomus
AL Cardoso, JC Pieczarka, CY Nagamachi
Genetics and Molecular Biology 38, 213-219, 2015
The satellite DNA AflaSAT-1 in the A and B chromosomes of the grasshopper Abracris flavolineata
D Milani, É Ramos, V Loreto, DA Martí, AL Cardoso, KCM de Moraes, ...
BMC genetics 18 (1), 1-11, 2017
Integrated Cytogenetic and Mitochondrial DNA Analyses Indicate That Two Different Phenotypes of Hypancistrus (L066 and L333) Belong to the Same Species
AL Cardoso, HLS Carvalho, TCM Benathar, SMG Serrao, CY Nagamachi, ...
Zebrafish 13 (3), 209-216, 2016
Chromosomal Variability Between Populations of Electrophorus electricus Gill, 1864 (Pisces: Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae)
AL Cardoso, JS Ready, JC Pieczarka, SSR Milhomem, ...
Zebrafish 12 (6), 440-447, 2015
Karyotypic diversity and evolution in a sympatric assemblage of Neotropical electric knifefish
AL Cardoso, JC Pieczarka, WGR Crampton, JS Ready, ...
Frontiers in Genetics 9, 81, 2018
Chromosomal diversity in three species of electric fish (Apteronotidae, Gymnotiformes) from the Amazon Basin
FHR Silva, JC Pieczarka, AL Cardoso, PC Silva, JA Oliveira, ...
Genetics and Molecular Biology 37, 638-645, 2014
Karyotypic similarities between two species of Rhamphichthys (Rhamphichthyidae, Gymnotiformes) from the Amazon basin
PC da Silva, CY Nagamachi, D dos Santos Silva, SSR Milhomem, ...
Comparative Cytogenetics 7 (4), 279, 2013
Biological activities from andiroba (Carapa guianensis Aublet.) and its biotechnological applications: A systematic review
KKB Dias, AL Cardoso, AAF da Costa, MF Passos, CEF da Costa, ...
Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 104629, 2023
Karyotypes of Manatees: New Insights into Hybrid Formation (Trichechus inunguis × Trichechus m. manatus) in the Amazon Estuary
RCR Noronha, BRR Almeida, MCS Chagas, FS Tavares, AL Cardoso, ...
Genes 13 (7), 1263, 2022
Epigenetic DNA Modifications Are Correlated With B Chromosomes and Sex in the Cichlid Astatotilapia latifasciata
AL Cardoso, BEA Fantinatti, NB Venturelli, BO Carmello, RA Oliveira, ...
Frontiers in Genetics 10, 324, 2019
Gymnotus coatesi (Gymnotiformes): A Case of Colocation of Multiple Sites of 18S rDNA with Telomeric Sequences
MA Machado, AL Cardoso, SSR Milhomem-Paixão, JC Pieczarka, ...
Zebrafish 14 (5), 459-463, 2017
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