John Bussell
John Bussell
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Phenotypic Plasticity of Adventitious Rooting in Arabidopsis Is Controlled by Complex Regulation of AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR Transcripts and MicroRNA …
L Gutierrez, JD Bussell, DI Pacurar, J Schwambach, M Pacurar, C Bellini
The Plant Cell 21 (10), 3119-3132, 2009
Auxin and Light Control of Adventitious Rooting in Arabidopsis Require ARGONAUTE1
C Sorin, JD Bussell, I Camus, K Ljung, M Kowalczyk, G Geiss, H McKhann, ...
The Plant Cell 17 (5), 1343-1359, 2005
The distribution of random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) diversity amongst populations of Isotoma petraea (Lobeliaceae)
J Bussell
Molecular ecology 8, 775-789, 1999
Signaling from the endoplasmic reticulum activates brassinosteroid signaling and promotes acclimation to stress in Arabidopsis
P Che, JD Bussell, W Zhou, GM Estavillo, BJ Pogson, SM Smith
Science Signaling 3 (141), ra69-ra69, 2010
The Arabidopsis ortholog of rice DWARF27 acts upstream of MAX1 in the control of plant development by strigolactones
MT Waters, PB Brewer, JD Bussell, SM Smith, CA Beveridge
Plant physiology 159 (3), 1073-1085, 2012
Novel proteins, putative membrane transporters, and an integrated metabolic network are revealed by quantitative proteomic analysis of Arabidopsis cell culture peroxisomes
H Eubel, EH Meyer, NL Taylor, JD Bussell, N O'Toole, JL Heazlewood, ...
Plant Physiology 148 (4), 1809-1829, 2008
Arbitrarily amplified DNA markers as characters for phylogenetic inference
JD Bussell, M Waycott, JA Chappill
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 7 (1), 3-26, 2005
A collection of INDEL markers for map-based cloning in seven Arabidopsis accessions
DI Păcurar, ML Păcurar, N Street, JD Bussell, TI Pop, L Gutierrez, C Bellini
Journal of experimental botany 63 (7), 2491-2501, 2012
Peroxisomal ATP-binding cassette transporter COMATOSE and the multifunctional protein abnormal INFLORESCENCE MERISTEM are required for the production of benzoylated metabolites …
JD Bussell, M Reichelt, AAG Wiszniewski, J Gershenzon, SM Smith
Plant Physiology 164 (1), 48-54, 2014
An ecological genetic delineation of local seed‐source provenance for ecological restoration
SL Krauss, EA Sinclair, JD Bussell, RJ Hobbs
Ecology and Evolution 3 (7), 2138-2149, 2013
Identification of two Arabidopsis genes encoding a peroxisomal oxidoreductase-like protein and an acyl-CoA synthetase-like protein that are required for responses to pro-auxins
AAG Wiszniewski, W Zhou, SM Smith, JD Bussell
Plant molecular biology 69, 503-515, 2009
The pentatricopeptide repeat protein EMB2654 is essential for trans-splicing of a chloroplast small ribosomal subunit transcript
N Aryamanesh, H Ruwe, LVP Sanglard, L Eshraghi, JD Bussell, ...
Plant physiology 173 (2), 1164-1176, 2017
Rapid genetic delineation of local provenance seed‐collection zones for effective rehabilitation of an urban bushland remnant
JD Bussell, P Hood, EA Alacs, KW Dixon, RJ Hobbs, SL Krauss
Austral Ecology 31 (2), 164-175, 2006
Requirement for the plastidial oxidative pentose phosphate pathway for nitrate assimilation in Arabidopsis
JD Bussell, O Keech, R Fenske, SM Smith
The Plant Journal 75 (4), 578-591, 2013
Arabidopsis peroxisome proteomics
JD Bussell, C Behrens, W Ecke, H Eubel
Frontiers in Plant Science 4, 101, 2013
Identification of new adventitious rooting mutants amongst suppressors of the Arabidopsis thaliana superroot2 mutation
DI Pacurar, ML Pacurar, JD Bussell, J Schwambach, TI Pop, M Kowalczyk, ...
Journal of experimental botany 65 (6), 1605-1618, 2014
Knockout of the two evolutionarily conserved peroxisomal 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolases in Arabidopsis recapitulates the abnormal inflorescence meristem 1 phenotype
AAG Wiszniewski, JD Bussell, RL Long, SM Smith
Journal of Experimental Botany 65 (22), 6723-6733, 2014
Leaves of the Arabidopsis maltose exporter1 mutant exhibit a metabolic profile with features of cold acclimation in the warm
SJ Purdy, JD Bussell, CP Nunn, SM Smith
PLoS One 8 (11), e79412, 2013
Rocks as museums of evolutionary processes
JD Bussell, SH James
Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia 80, 221, 1997
Conservation of two lineages of peroxisomal (Type I) 3-ketoacyl-CoA thiolases in land plants, specialization of the genes in Brassicaceae, and characterization of their …
AAG Wiszniewski, SM Smith, JD Bussell
Journal of experimental botany 63 (17), 6093-6103, 2012
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