Chantal van Son
Chantal van Son
PhD Computational Linguistics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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MEANTIME, the NewsReader multilingual event and time corpus
AL Minard, M Speranza, R Urizar, B Altuna, MGJ van Erp, AM Schoen, ...
Portorož, Slovenia, 2016
Hope and Fear: Interpreting Perspectives by Integrating Sentiment and Event Factuality
C van Son, M van Erp, A Fokkens, P Vossen
Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC …, 2014
Digital History: Towards New Methodologies
S Ter Braake, A Fokkens, N Ockeloen, C van Son
International Workshop on Computational History and Data-Driven Humanities …, 2016
Towards web documents quality assessment for digital humanities scholars
D Ceolin, J Noordegraaf, L Aroyo, C van Son
Proceedings of the 8th ACM Conference on Web Science, 315-317, 2016
GRaSP: A Multilayered Annotation Scheme for Perspectives
C van Son, T Caselli, A Fokkens, I Maks, R Morante, L Aroyo, P Vossen
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language Resources and …, 2016
Annotating perspectives on vaccination
R Morante, C Van Son, I Maks, P Vossen
Proceedings of The 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, 4964-4973, 2020
Towards an open Dutch FrameNet lexicon and corpus
P Vossen, AS Fokkens, E Maks, CM van Son
Proceedings of the International FrameNet Workshop 2018, 2018
Building a Dictionary of Affixal Negations
CM van Son, CWJ van Miltenburg, R Morante Vallejo
Osaka, Japan, 2016
Resource Interoperability for Sustainable Benchmarking: The Case of Events
CM van Son, OA Inel, R Morante Vallejo, LM Aroyo, P Vossen
Building a Dictionary of Affixal Negations
C Son, E van Miltenburg, R Morante
Proceedings of the Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in …, 2016
NewsReader documentlevel annotation guidelines-Dutch
A Schoen, C van Son, M van Erp, H van der Vliet
NWR-2014-08. Technical report, VU University Amsterdam, 2014
Scoring and classifying implicit positive interpretations: a challenge of class imbalance
C van Son, R Morante, L Aroyo, P Vossen
Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computational …, 2018
Unshared Task at the 3rd Workshop on Argument Mining: Perspective Based Local Agreement and Disagreement in Online Debate
C van Son, T Caselli, A Fokkens, I Maks, R Morante, L Aroyo, P Vossen
Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Argument Mining, 160-165, 2016
Personalization of Political Newspaper Coverage: A Longitudinal Study in the Dutch Context Since 1950
E Aizenberg, W van Atteveldt, C van Son, FX Geiger
International Communication Association 65th Annual Meeting, San Juan …, 2015
NewsReader Document-Level Annotation Guidelines-Dutch TechReport 2014-8
A Schoen, C van Son, M van Erp, H van Vliet
Technical report, VU University, 2014
Bursting the bubble with a needle from the haystack
D Ceolin, L Tkacz, R Sharma, C vanSon
The Vaccination Debate: An Exploration of Long Term Concept and Perspective Mining
IB Leemans, S Ter Braake, C Van Son, D Ceolin, LM Aroyo, P Vossen, ...
DHBenelux 2018, 2018
InfoQ: Computational Assessment of Information Quality on the Web
D Ceolin, C van Son, L Aroyo, J Noordegraaf, O Sener, R Sharma, ...
Visualizing Information Quality and Perspective on the Web
L Tkacz, RK Sharma, D Ceolin, C van Son
WebSci’18 Main Conference Poster Session, 0
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