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Okuyama Yudai
Curator of National Museum of Nature and Science
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The Rice Resistance Protein Pair RGA4/RGA5 Recognizes the Magnaporthe oryzae Effectors AVR-Pia and AVR1-CO39 by Direct Binding
S Cesari, G Thilliez, C Ribot, V Chalvon, C Michel, A Jauneau, S Rivas, ...
The Plant Cell 25 (4), 1463-1481, 2013
A multifaceted genomics approach allows the isolation of the rice Pia‐blast resistance gene consisting of two adjacent NBS‐LRR protein genes
Y Okuyama, H Kanzaki, A Abe, K Yoshida, M Tamiru, H Saitoh, T Fujibe, ...
The Plant Journal 66 (3), 467-479, 2011
Nonuniform concerted evolution and chloroplast capture: heterogeneity of observed introgression patterns in three molecular data partition phylogenies of Asian Mitella …
Y Okuyama, N Fujii, M Wakabayashi, A Kawakita, M Ito, M Watanabe, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 22 (2), 285-296, 2005
Plant–pollinator interactions in tropical monsoon forests in Southeast Asia
M Kato, Y Kosaka, A Kawakita, Y Okuyama, C Kobayashi, T Phimminith, ...
American Journal of Botany 95 (11), 1375-1394, 2008
Changes in the biodiversity of a deciduous forest ecosystem caused by an increase in the Sika deer population at Ashiu, Japan
Contributions from the Biological Laboratory, Kyoto University 29 (4), 437-448, 2004
Pollination by fungus gnats in four species of the genus Mitella (Saxifragaceae)
Y Okuyama, M Kato, N Murakami
Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 144 (4), 449-460, 2004
Parallel floral adaptations to pollination by fungus gnats within the genus Mitella (Saxifragaceae)
Y Okuyama, O Pellmyr, M Kato
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46 (2), 560-575, 2008
Arabidopsis Qa‐SNARE SYP2 proteins localized to different subcellular regions function redundantly in vacuolar protein sorting and plant development
M Shirakawa, H Ueda, T Shimada, Y Koumoto, TL Shimada, M Kondo, ...
The Plant Journal 64 (6), 924-935, 2010
Unveiling cryptic species diversity of flowering plants: successful biological species identification of Asian Mitellausing nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences
Y Okuyama, M Kato
BMC Evolutionary Biology 9, 1-16, 2009
Parallel chemical switches underlying pollinator isolation in Asian Mitella
T Okamoto, Y Okuyama, R Goto, M Tokoro, M Kato
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28 (3), 590-600, 2015
Entangling Ancient Allotetraploidization in Asian Mitella: An Integrated Approach for Multilocus Combinations
Y Okuyama, AS Tanabe, M Kato
Molecular biology and evolution 29 (1), 429-439, 2012
Phenolic compounds from Iris rossii, and their chemotaxonomic and systematic significance.
T Mizuno, Y Okuyama, T Iwashina
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 44, 157-160, 2012
Use of TILLING for reverse and forward genetics of rice
S Rakshit, H Kanzaki, H Matsumura, A Rakshit, T Fujibe, Y Okuyama, ...
The handbook of plant mutation screening: mining of natural and induced …, 2010
The evolutionary history of maternal plant-manipulation and larval feeding behaviours in attelabid weevils (Coleoptera; Curculionoidea)
C Kobayashi, Y Okuyama, K Kawazoe, M Kato
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 64 (2), 318-330, 2012
Radiation history of Asian Asarum (sect. Heterotropa, Aristolochiaceae) resolved using a phylogenomic approach based on double-digested RAD-seq data
Y Okuyama, N Goto, AJ Nagano, M Yasugi, G Kokubugata, H Kudoh, Z Qi, ...
Annals of Botany 126 (2), 245-260, 2020
Floral visitors of critically endangered Arisaema cucullatum (Araceae) endemic to Kinki region of Japan
S Kakishima, M Sueyoshi, Y Okuyama
Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science. Series B, Botany 46 …, 2020
Evolutionary origin of a periodical mass‐flowering plant
S Kakishima, Y Liang, T Ito, TYA Yang, PL Lu, Y Okuyama, M Hasebe, ...
Ecology and Evolution 9 (8), 4373-4381, 2019
Bryophytes facilitate outcrossing of Mitella by functioning as larval food for pollinating fungus gnats
Y Okuyama, T Okamoto, J Kjærandsen, M Kato
Ecology 99 (8), 1890-1893, 2018
Floral scent profiles and flower visitors in species of Asarum Series Sakawanum (Aristolochiaceae)
S Kakishima, Y Okuyama
Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science. Series B, Botany 44 …, 2018
Recurrent hybridization without homoeologous chromosome paring in the Dryopteris varia complex (Dryopteridaceae)
K Hori, Y Okuyama, Y Watano, N Murakami
Chromosome Botany 13 (1), 9-24, 2018
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