Lilian P. Sales
Lilian P. Sales
Concordia University
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Compliance to Brazil's Forest Code will not protect biodiversity and ecosystem services
RRS Vieira, BR Ribeiro, FM Resende, FT Brum, N Machado, LP Sales, ...
Diversity and Distributions 24 (4), 434-438, 2018
Prey preferences of the jaguar Panthera onca reflect the post-Pleistocene demise of large prey
MW Hayward, JF Kamler, RA Montgomery, A Newlove, S Rostro-García, ...
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3, 148, 2016
Reintroducing rewilding to restoration–Rejecting the search for novelty
MW Hayward, RJ Scanlon, A Callen, LG Howell, KL Klop-Toker, ...
Biological conservation 233, 255-259, 2019
Niche conservatism and the invasive potential of the wild boar
LP Sales, BR Ribeiro, MW Hayward, A Paglia, M Passamani, R Loyola
Journal of Animal Ecology 86 (5), 1214-1223, 2017
ATLANTIC‐PRIMATES: a dataset of communities and occurrences of primates in the Atlantic Forests of South America
L Culot, LA Pereira, I Agostini, MAB De Almeida, RSC Alves, I Aximoff, ...
Ecology 100 (1), e02525, 2019
Assessing mammal exposure to climate change in the Brazilian Amazon
BR Ribeiro, LP Sales, P De Marco Jr, R Loyola
PloS one 11 (11), e0165073, 2016
Linking spatial scale dependence of land-use descriptors and invertebrate cave community composition
T Pellegrini, LP Sales, P Aguiar, RL Ferreira
Subterranean Biology 18, 17, 2016
Academic leaders must support inclusive scientific communities during COVID-19
Nature Ecology and Evolution, 2020
Recalculating route: dispersal constraints will drive the redistribution of Amazon primates in the Anthropocene
LP Sales, BR Ribeiro, MM Pires, CA Chapman, R Loyola
Ecography 42 (10), 1789-1801, 2019
Strategies for mammal conservation under climate change in the Amazon
BR Ribeiro, LP Sales, R Loyola
Biodiversity and Conservation 27 (8), 1943-1959, 2018
Potential worldwide distribution of Fusarium dry root rot in common beans based on the optimal environment for disease occurrence
R Macedo, LP Sales, F Yoshida, LL Silva-Abud, M Lobo
PloS one 12 (11), e0187770, 2017
Model uncertainties do not affect observed patterns of species richness in the Amazon
LP Sales, OV Neves, P De Marco Jr, R Loyola
PLoS One 12 (10), e0183785, 2017
Climate and land‐use change will lead to a faunal ‘savannization’on tropical rainforests
LP Sales, M Galetti, MM Pires
Global Change Biology, 2020
Multiple dimensions of climate change on the distribution of Amazon primates
L Sales, BR Ribeiro, CA Chapman, R Loyola
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation 18 (2), 83-90, 2020
Local vs landscape drivers of primate occupancy in a Brazilian fragmented region
LP Sales, MW Hayward, M Passamani
Mammal Research 61 (1), 73-82, 2016
Time-lags in primate occupancy: a study case using dynamic models
LP Sales, MW Hayward, L Zambaldi, M Passamani, FR de Melo, R Loyola
Natureza & Conservação 13 (2), 139-144, 2015
Pervasive gender bias in editorial boards of biodiversity conservation journals
LF Liévano-Latorre, RA da Silva, RRS Vieira, FM Resende, BR Ribeiro, ...
Biological Conservation 251, 108767, 2020
NEOTROPICAL ALIEN MAMMALS: a data set of occurrence and abundance of alien mammals in the Neotropics
CA Rosa, BR Ribeiro, V Bejarano, FH Puertas, A Bocchiglieri, ...
Ecology 101 (11), e03115, 2020
What do you mean by “niche”? Modern ecological theories are not coherent on rhetoric about the niche concept
LP Sales, MW Hayward, R Loyola
Acta Oecologica 110, 103701, 2021
Climate niche mismatch and the collapse of primate seed dispersal services in the Amazon
L Sales, L Culot, MM Pires
Biological Conservation 247, 108628, 2020
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