Morgane Nouvian
Morgane Nouvian
Research fellow, University of Konstanz
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The defensive response of the honeybee Apis mellifera
M Nouvian, J Reinhard, M Giurfa
Journal of Experimental Biology 219 (22), 3505-3517, 2016
Capacity for thermal acclimation differs between populations and phylogenetic lineages within a species
F Seebacher, S Holmes, NJ Roosen, M Nouvian, RS Wilson, AJW Ward
Functional Ecology 26 (6), 1418-1428, 2012
Involvement of newborn neurons in olfactory associative learning? The operant or non-operant component of the task makes all the difference
N Mandairon, S Sultan, M Nouvian, J Sacquet, A Didier
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (35), 12455-12460, 2011
Cooperative defence operates by social modulation of biogenic amine levels in the honey bee brain
M Nouvian, S Mandal, C Jamme, C Claudianos, P d'Ettorre, J Reinhard, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1871), 20172653, 2018
Appetitive floral odours prevent aggression in honeybees
M Nouvian, L Hotier, C Claudianos, M Giurfa, J Reinhard
Nature communications 6 (1), 10247, 2015
Sustained rhythmic brain activity underlies visual motion perception in zebrafish
V Pérez-Schuster, A Kulkarni, M Nouvian, SA Romano, K Lygdas, ...
Cell reports 17 (4), 1098-1112, 2016
Aversive training of honey bees in an automated Y-maze
M Nouvian, CG Galizia
Frontiers in Physiology 10, 458273, 2019
Olfactory strategies in the defensive behaviour of insects
K Kannan, CG Galizia, M Nouvian
Insects 13 (5), 470, 2022
Honeybee communication during collective defence is shaped by predation
A López-Incera, M Nouvian, K Ried, T Müller, HJ Briegel
BMC biology 19, 1-16, 2021
Data-informed parameter synthesis for population Markov chains
M Hajnal, M Nouvian, D Šafránek, T Petrov
International Workshop on Hybrid Systems Biology, 147-164, 2019
Extracting individual characteristics from population data reveals a negative social effect during honeybee defence
T Petrov, M Hajnal, J Klein, D Šafránek, M Nouvian
PLOS Computational Biology 18 (9), e1010305, 2022
Complexity and plasticity in honey bee phototactic behaviour
M Nouvian, CG Galizia
Scientific reports 10 (1), 7872, 2020
Seasonality, alarm pheromone and serotonin: insights on the neurobiology of honeybee defence from winter bees
M Nouvian, N Deisig, J Reinhard, M Giurfa
Biology Letters 14 (8), 20180337, 2018
Geosmin suppresses defensive behaviour and elicits unusual neural responses in honey bees
F Scarano, M Deivarajan Suresh, E Tiraboschi, A Cabirol, M Nouvian, ...
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 3851, 2023
Glyphosate impairs aversive learning in bumblebees
M Nouvian, JJ Foster, A Weidenmüller
Science of The Total Environment 898, 165527, 2023
Colony Defense by Social Insects
M Nouvian, MD Breed
Encyclopedia of Social Insects, 230-240, 2021
Olfactory strategies in the defensive behaviour of insects. Insects 2022, 13, 470
K Kannan, CG Galizia, M Nouvian
s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published …, 2022
Collective defense of honeybee colonies: experimental results and theoretical modeling
A López-Incera, M Nouvian, K Ried, T Müller, HJ Briegel
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.07326, 2020
Neural and molecular mechanisms underlying the olfactory modulation of aggression in honeybees
MVM Nouvian
Olfactory modulation of honeybee aggressiveness
M Nouvian, M Giurfa, J Reinhard
IUSSI, 2014
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